Org Configuration and Management Options

From SnapLogic Manager, Org admins have access to the following:

  • Users: Enables Org Administrators to manage users and permissions.

  • Groups: Enables Org Administrators to manage user groups.

  • Settings: Enables Org Administrators to configure SnapLogic.

  • Features: Lists the SnapLogic features enabled for this Org. 

  • Account Statistics: Enables Org Administrators to see account usage statistics.

  • Snap Packs: Enables Org Administrators to manage the Snap Packs deployed in their Org. Org users can view the list of deployed Snap Packs.

  • Scheduled Tasks: Enables users to view the scheduled tasks.

  • Asset Search: Enables users to search for Assets by name, type, and date modified. Asset types include Accounts, Files, Tasks, Pipelines, Snap Packs, Snaplexes, Tables, Proxies, and Flows.

  • Activity Log: Enables users to view logs related to the activities performed in the Org.

  • Alerts: Enables users to view alerts related to Snaplex congestion.

  • Snap Statistics: Enables users to see which Snap Packs are in use and the Pipelines that are using them.

  • API Management: For Orgs using API Management, provides access to the API Manager, Portal Manager, and Subscription Manager.

  • Project Spaces: Navigation for Project Spaces, Projects, and their Assets. Users have access to their own Project Spaces and to Assets shared with them.