Troubleshooting AutoSync Issues

A new version of AutoSync is available in Studio! Check out the documentation.

The following sections provide troubleshooting tips for AutoSync V1.0 issues:

Cannot Open AutoSync

AutoSync does not open and you are redirected to a web page:

  • If your organization has not subscribed to AutoSync, contact your CSM or email

  • If your organization has subscribed to AutoSync, ask an Org admin to enable it for your account.

Failure to Validate a Connection

Validation failure when you are creating or editing an endpoint connection configuration can be caused by the following:

  • Invalid credentials or other connection details.

  • The endpoint account not having the level of access that AutoSync requires.

Potential resolutions:

  • Refer to the endpoint-specific documentation for configuration requirements.

  • Verify your account’s permissions with the endpoint administrator in your organization.

Execution Failures

The AutoSync dashboard displays a red status icon if an integration fails to execute. Click the Status icon to learn more about the failure. If the error message is not actionable, the IIP can provide additional details for troubleshooting.

To view AutoSync integration details in the IIP, you must have access to the Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) feature. Ask your Org admin to provide access if necessary.

In the IIP, you can view errors:

  • In the FastLoader Pipeline

  • From the IIP Dashboard

Viewing Errors in the FastLoader Pipeline

AutoSync uses the FastLoader Pipeline as an entry point when running an integration. The FastLoader Pipeline calls other Pipelines when executing an integration. To view errors in the FastLoader Pipeline:

  1. Click the Manager tab.

  2. In the Project Spaces tree, select the Core folder from the ~SL-AutoSync-ProjectSpace.

  3. In the Asset table, select the Pipelines tab.

  4. Click the FastLoader Pipeline to open it in Designer.

  5. In the Designer toolbar, click Execute Pipeline .

  6. If the Pipeline fails, an error similar to the following displays in the Snap Statistics tab:

If you cannot resolve the error, send an email to The support person will need Org admin privileges to troubleshoot issues.

Viewing Errors in the IIP Dashboard

To view AutoSync-related errors in the IIP Dashboard:

  1. Click the Dashboard tab.

  2. Click the Pipelines tab to view executions:

  3. Click a failed FastLoader Pipeline execution to see the error.

If you cannot resolve the error, send an email to The support person will need Org admin privileges to troubleshoot issues.