Fall 2016 (4.7) Snap Updates

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Live on production November 12, 2016.

This page provides the Snap updates for the Fall 2016 (4.7) release. This release also includes the patches made to Snaps in the 4.6.0 release, as listed in the 4.6 Snap Patch Releases page. For information on platform updates in this release, see Fall 2016 Platform Updates.

For information on Snap Pack build versions, see Snap Pack Versions by Release (updated at product release).


Pipelines which are already started before a Snap update will continue to run with the older version of the Snaps. Only pipelines started after the new Snaps are deployed will run with the new Snaps.

For ultra pipelines, the currently running instances would continue to run with the older Snap packs. Editing and saving the task instance in Manager will cause a rolling restart of the ultra pipeline instances and the new Snap Packs will get picked up.

Only those customers using SQL Server with Windows authentication and SAP will need to restart their Groundplex instances.


Some accounts may have a fixed time for refresh tokens, for example Google and Box accounts must be refreshed every hour. If that refresh needs to occur when the platform is down for an update, the refresh does not occur. To prevent these accounts from failing after a new platform deployment, it is recommended that you refresh your accounts before the designated down time.

New Snap Packs

  • Snowflake Snap Pack: This includes Snowflake Delete, Execute, Insert, Lookup, Select, Table List, Bulk Upsert, Bulk Load, Unload and Update Snaps.

Updated Snap Packs


  • Updated the Anaplan Action Snap with a new output handling mechanism, Stream errors. Additionally, starting from 4.7 release, the default output handling mechanism is Stream errors. Prior to 4.7 release, the default mechanism was AllSuccess.


  • Updated the Snap Account settings with a new Account Type, Azure Data Lake.
  • Updated the Snaps- Directory Browser, File Writer, File Reader with the account Type, Azure Data Lake.
  • Updated the File Reader and ZipFile Read Snaps with the property, Prevent URL encoding.
  • Spark mode support added to S3 File Writer for AWS S3.
  • Spark mode support added to File Reader for AWS S3.


  • Updated the Box Read Snap with File IDMaximum Concurrency and Execute during preview fields.


  • Updated the DynamoDB Bulk Get Snap with the new field, Batch Size.


  • Recommendation: The Pipeline Execute Snap is meant to eventually replace ForEach and Task Execute. It is suggested you use Pipeline Execute for all new pipelines and update existing pipelines at your earliest convenience.
  • Updated the Pipeline Execute Snap with Execute during preview field.


  • Updated the HDFS Writer and HDFS Reader Snaps with Azure Data Lake account for standard mode pipelines.
  • HDFS Writer: Spark mode support added to write to a specified directory in an Azure Storage Layer using the wasb file system protocol.
  • HDFS Reader: Spark mode support added to read a single file or an HDFS directory from an Azure Storage Layer.


  • Enabled the Hive account with Kerberos authentication(Hive with Kerberos works only on Hive JDBC4 driver 2.5.12 and above).


  • Updated the Snap account with the LDAP Authentication type.


  • Added a new Snap, MySQL Bulk Load.


  • Updated the Oracle - Stored Procedure Snap with the Pass through field.
  • Resolved an issue in Oracle - Stored Procedure Snap that caused invalid column type failures.
  • Oracle- Bullk Load updated to handle dates the same way as Oracle - Insert.


  • Updated the Redshift Snap Account Settings with the IAM properties that include AWS account ID , IAM role name, and Region name.
  • Updated the Redshift Bulk Load and Upsert Snaps with the properties IAM Role and Server-side encryption.
  • Updated the Redshift Upsert Snap with Load empty strings property.
  • Updated the Redshift Unload Snap with the property IAM role


  • Updated Snaps in the REST Snap Pack with Response entity type field(The DEFAULT option under this property allows the backward compatibilityThe addition of the property will not affect the existing production pipelines and allows them to run as before).
  • Updated Snaps in the REST Snap Pack with Maximum request attempts and Retry request interval Upload fields.  
  • Updated the RESTPost Snap with Upload transfer request type field.


  • Updated the Salesforce SOQL, Read, & Lookup Snaps with Match data type field.
  • Updated the Salesforce Upsert, Update, Create and Delete Snaps with 'Standardize error output' field.


  • Updated the SAP HANA - Stored Procedure Snap with the Pass through field.


  • Updated the Script Snap with the Script file property.


  • Updated ServiceNow Query Snap with Allow empty value result and Pass through fields. 


  • Updated the SOAP Execute Snap with a new property, Standardize error output.

SQL Server

  • Extended support for SQL Server Dynamic accounts.
  • Updated the SQL Server - Stored Procedure Snap with the Pass through field.


  •  Extended authentication support using Access ID and Access Key fields.


  • Added the new Snaps Teradata Execute, Teradata FastLoad, and TPT FastExport.
  • Migration impact: In Teradata FastExport, the values of the Data Format field have been standardized to be in all caps. Existing pipelines that use the values of BinaryText, or Unformatted will fail unless the new value of BINARYTEXT, or UNFORMAT are used.


  • Updated Sort Snap with the property Maximum memory %. (Also released as a patch to 4.6.0)
  • Updated JSON Formatter Snap with the JSON lines field, an option that outputs each document fully in a single line followed by a newline. 
  • Updated the JSON Splitter Snap with  Json Path property. 
  • Updated the Excel Parser Snap with the new field, Header row.

Known Issues

None at this time.