4.7 Snap Patch Releases

The following Snap Packs have been updated since the 4.7 release:


Snap PackBuildUpdates
11/21/2016ServiceNowservicenow2183Pass through option support added for table API in ServiceNow Query.
11/21/2016PostgreSQLpostgres2185Resolved an issue with the PostgreSQL Execute Snap failing with a “java.util.regex.Pattern” error.

Resolved an issue with JSON Generator failing with an "Invalid UTF-8 middle byte 0x70" error on Windows.

11/23/2016Anaplananaplan2179Improved suggest lookup of Anaplan Snaps server files setting.
11/23/2016Salesforcesalesforce2209SOQL Snap now correctly routes to the error view & validates PK Chunking record numbers.

Support pagination in Xactly Search Snap.

SQL Server
Azure SQL
Fixed an issue for database Select Snaps regarding Limit rows not supporting an empty string from a pipeline parameter.
11/29/2016SOAPsoap2215Support multiple namespaces in WSDLs.
11/30/2016Salesforcesalesforce2218SFDC SOQL Snap route to the error view & validate PK Chuning record numbers
12/5/2016Redshiftdb/redshift2223Auto-commit is turned off automatically for SELECT
12/7/2016Teradatadb/tereadat2243Resolved an issue with TPT Fast Export failing with errors but writing output to the specified directory on the Groundplex machine.
12/7/2016Salesforcesalesforce2244Addressed possible leak with threads waiting to download PK Chunking responses.
12/9/2016Salesforcesalesforce2255Addressed SFDC SOQL Snap routing to the error view & validate PK Chunking record numbers
12/11/2016RESTrest2260Added a new "Follow redirects" setting to toggle whether redirects should be followed (default behavior is to follow redirects)
12/13/2016SOAPsoap2251Addressed error while getting instance of Description for complex WSDLs.
12/13/2016DynamoDBdynamodb2279Addressed a issue with generated signatures when non-ASCII data is used and ensured the original document is passed the Error View.
12/13/2016MySQLdb/mysql2280MySQL Merge will now route documents to the output and error views correctly
12/13/2016Salesforcesalesforce2284Added log to troubleshoot a deploy issue.
12/16/2016Flowflow2297Fixed an issue with Ultra pipeline when invoking, using Pipeline Execute, a child pipeline that contains a non-Ultra compatible Snap.
12/16/2016Salesforcesalesforce2298Enhanced error handling in Salesforce SOQL Snap.
12/20/2016SQL Serverdb/sqlserver2 334
  • Fixed an issue regarding failing to insert null into datetimeoffset column.
  • Fixed an issue regarding passing password containing special characters incorrectly on Windows Snaplex.
12/20/2016Transformtransform2335Resolved an issue with XML Parser failing with error: 'Maximum attribute size (524288) exceeded'.
12/20/2016RESTrest2336Resolved an issue with REST Get not handling multiple response cookies.
12/20/2016Binarybinary2337Added Encrypted filename property to PGP Encrypt Snap.
12/21/2016Transformtransform2344Resolved an issue with validation of pipelines taking more time than executing a pipeline when a large amount of data is used.
12/21/2016Binarybinary2346ZipFile Read Snap: Added support for reading 7z archive formats created using Windows machines.
12/21/2016Hadoophadoop2343Spark Validation: Resolved an issue with validation failing when setting the output file permissions.
12/27/2016MongoDBdb/mongo2338Add an account for MongoDB SSL connection without certificates validation
1/6/2017MongoDBdb/mongo2375Update the MongoDB java driver to 3.0.4; Add exception handling to each record processing.
1/6/2017Redshiftdb/redshift2387Addressed an issue in Redshift Bulk Load Snap where Load Empty String was setting not working after release.
1/10/2017Redshiftdb/redshift2434Replaced newSingleThreadExecutor() with a fixed thread pool.
1/13/2017Emailemail2499Added logic to process emails that have text files as attachments and download the files to the provided attachment location.
1/17/2017Verticavertica2511Fixed NumberOverflow Execption for Integer Datatypes
1/17/2017Hivehive2469ClouderaHiveJDBCDriver(500168) Unable to connect to server: GSS initiate failed, Fixed by changing the connection pooling to Hikari and added privilaged user to all getConnect() request.
1/18/2017SOAPsoap2522Addressed an 'Error: Could not translate an element declaration element' during envelope generation issue in the SOAP Execute Snap
1/26/2017Zuorazuora2521Retry added for failed login.
1/28/2017RESTrest2555Added 'Show all headers' setting to the show full cookie response for the Post, Put, Patch and Delete Snaps.
1/31/2017DynamoDBdynamodb2557DynamoDB Bulk Get now writes the original object to error view and output view on error.
1/31/2017Zuorazuora2593Add additional retry logic for connection to server.
1/31/2017Transformtransform2549Addressed an issue with Excel Formatter altering decimal numbers to text.
2/2/2017RESTrest2555Addressed an issue in the REST Post Snap with the REST API not returning a full cookie response.
2/2/2017Flowflow2598Addressed a possible race condition when reusing pipelines with a Pipeline Execute Snap.