February 2023 Release Notes


API Management

  • XML DTD policy

  • YAML format support


  • Integration with AWS Secrets Manager

  • New signed Snaplex Docker images


  • Introduced the new Google BigQuery Table Create Snap, which you can use to create tables that support clustering and partitioning.

  • Introduced the new Google BigQuery Table Data List Snap, which reads table data from a BigQuery dataset and lists the contents of the table in rows in the output.


  • New Patterns

Dot Releases


Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Amazon SQS

Mar 8, 2023


Added support for the SQS Account to reauthenticate when the authentication expires.

Behavior Change

With the 432patches19990, the Amazon SQS account reauthenticates when the authentication expires; the account automatically retires authentication on encountering 401 or 403 errors.


Mar 7, 2023


The Redshift Snaps that earlier supported only Redshift Cluster now support Redshift Serverless as well. With Redshift Serverless, you can avoid setting up and managing data warehouse infrastructure when you run or scale analytics.


Mar 3, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with the Salesforce Read Snap where using the bulk API request would fail due to column specification.

  • Added support to use PK chunking on any batch size with the bulk API request and to automatically disable PK chunking if it is known that it cannot be done.


Mar 3, 2023


Fixed the behavior of the JSON Splitter Snap for some use cases where its behavior was not backward compatible with the 4.31 GA version. These cases involved certain uses of either the Include scalar parents feature or the Include Paths feature.

Azure Service Bus

Mar 1, 2023


Fixed an issue with the Azure Service Bus Snap Pack that caused the following message to display when clicking on the Suggest icon: Could not initialize class reactor.netty.http.client.HttpClientSecure

Google BigQuery

Mar 1, 2023


Fixed an issue with the Google BigQuery Bulk Load (Streaming) Snap that caused the Table not found message to display even when Create table if not present was selected.

ML Analytics

Feb 23, 2023


The Profile Snap no longer fails if an input document contains a column or field name that includes a forward slash or a backslash.


Feb 23, 2023


Fixed an issue with the preview data of the MySQL-Execute Snap that displayed the date format as %m %d %Y (without the forward slash '/'). The Snap now displays the date as intended in %m/%d/%Y format after validation.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Feb 23, 2023


The Dynamics 365 for Sales Upsert and Dynamics 365 for Sales Update Snaps work as expected without an error when you assign a null value for the lookup field.


Feb 22, 2023


Fixed the "Json Splitter expects a list" error by restoring the JSON Splitter Snap's previous behavior of handling the case where the document element referenced by the JSON Path to Split field is an object instead of a list or array.

Review your pipelines where this error occurred to check your assumptions about the input to the JSON Splitter and whether the value referenced by the JSON Path to Split field will always be a list. If the input is provided by an XML-based or SOAP-based Snap like the Workday or NetSuite Snaps, a result set or child collection that’s an array when there's more than one result or child will be an object when there's only one result or child. In these cases, we recommend using a Mapper Snap and the sl.ensureArray() function to ensure that the value being split by the JSON Splitter is always an array (even for the single element cases).


Feb 22, 2023


The binary data output for the LDAP Search and LDAP Lookup Snaps is displayed as a byte array (Base64 encoded) instead of string data.

Exchange Online

Feb 17, 2023


The following permissions are no longer mandatory for the Exchange Online Snaps to work:

You can choose to NOT assign these permissions in your Snap accounts.


Feb 16, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with the CSV Formatter Snap where the Unicode character delimiters using [0-9a-f] did not work.

  • Fixed an issue with the JSON Splitter Snap that was generating null values for empty input data.

February UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and the GA release. The following is the release schedule:

  • UAT: Friday, February 3, 2023 – Snaplex version: main-15821

  • GA: Thursday, February 9, 2023 – Snaplex version: main-15843

The SnapLogic GA release build on the production server is also deployed on the UAT server.

About Upgrading to this Release

API Management

New Features


  • Support for creating an API from an API specification in YAML format. The specification file can be downloaded from the Assets tab in the API Version.

  • Changes to API subscription keys automatically generate a notification email to subscribers. When you republish an API that is published on the Developer Portal, you can change the values in the Custom Header and Query Parameter fields without invalidating subscriptions to that API. Prior to the February release, if you modified these settings, all existing subscriptions to the API would be invalidated.

Fixed Issues


New Features


  • The Public API POST /project/checkout/{project_path} has additional Boolean parameters that allow you to perform a forced pull from your repository. Learn more: Check Out Project Files from Git.

Fixed Issues

  • Double-counting of in-flight messages for Ultra requests no longer occurs. Multiple messages can still be caused by other events, such as JCC node refreshes or network interruptions.

  • Self-managed Snaplexes (Groundplexes) now return 500 web server errors with HTTP Strict-Transport-Security headers.

Known Issues

  • The CORS allowlist is ignored when you run a Triggered Task using the Cloud URL.

  • When a Snaplex is configured to use an authenticated HTTP proxy, the Snaplex build fails during a version upgrade.

  • An Ultra Task with commas in the name has no visible queue in FeedMaster node details and behaves unpredictably.

Behavior Changes



New Snaps


  • The JDBC Driver (JAR file) setting in all the Snowflake Accounts is optional. If you do not provide a JDBC driver, the account uses the default Snowflake JDBC JAR V3.13.25 that is bundled with the Snap Pack.

Before: Snowflake account with the mandatory JDBC JAR file.

After: Snowflake account bundled with the default JDBC JAR V3.13.25.

Before: Snowflake account with the mandatory JDBC JAR file.

After: Snowflake account bundled with the default JDBC JAR V3.13.25.

  • The Workday REST Snap supports Pass through and Pagination fields.

    • Pass through: Enables the Snap to pass the input data to the output document.

    • Enable Pagination: Enables the Snap to return the response in multiple pages based on the limit and offset query parameters. The maximum limit value is 100. Deselect this checkbox to download only one page of records.

  • Added a Retry Policy to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snaps. This feature enables the Snaps to automatically retry when encountering the 429 error.

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

  • Intermittent connectivity issues might occur when using some Snaps in the Azure SQL Snap Pack. These issues cause the following message to display: The connection is broken and recovery is not possible. The connection is marked by the client driver as unrecoverable. No attempt was made to restore the connection.

    To resolve, we recommend you revert to the main17386 version of the Azure SQL Snap Pack.

  • In the Google BigQuery Table Data List Snap, if you provide incorrect data in the Project ID, DataSet ID, or Table ID fields the following generic message displays: An error occurred while trying to List BigQuery Table Data. and the reason given is NULL.


New Pipeline Patterns

The following Patterns are added to Studio:

  • Automate Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Collect Error Data

  • Create Admin Users and Their Default Project in SnapLogic

  • Diabetes Progression Prediction

  • Handwritten Digit Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Import Prospects to Salesforce Pardot

  • Iris Flower Classification

  • Iris Flower Classification using Neural Networks

  • John Galt Atlas to Salesforce

  • Kickstarter Project Success Prediction

  • Load Table Data from SQL Server to Microsoft Azure SQL

  • Loan Repayment Prediction

  • Managing Employee Data using the Box Folder Management

  • Migrate Assets Between Projects in the Same Org

  • Monitor Errors

  • Natural Language Processing using TextBlob

  • PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL

  • Replicate Contacts Between Two Salesforce Instances

  • Sentiment Analysis Using SnapLogic Data Science

  • Speech Recognition with DeepSpeech

  • Telco Customer Churn Prediction

  • Upsert Table Data from the Oracle Database to Redshift

  • Verify Access to Project Folders in SnapLogic

Documentation Enhancements

New Videos

New Articles


We have resequenced and revised Snaplex content to distinguish clearly between Self-managed Snaplexes (Groundplexes) and SnapLogic Managed Snaplexes (Cloudplexes).