September 2013 Updates

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Live on production servers October 8, 2013


Infoboxes Made Easier to Use

Several enhancements were made to infoboxes, the dialogs that display off of Snaps in a pipeline. The enhancements include:

  • Infoboxes now open in Edit mode. 
  • The 'pin' that held the infobox in place has been removed.
  • You can click on the Snap to toggle the infobox on and off.
  • Snap infoboxes now factor in display area to prevent being cut off by the end of the browser window.
  • The Label Name field for Snaps and Pipelines has been moved from the Info tab to the Settings tab of the infobox.

Data Preview at the Pipeline Level 

Once you have your pipeline configured and saved, you can preview the data pulled in by a Snap by clicking on the heavier-shaded connector. See Data Preview from a Pipeline for more information. 


New Snaps

  • Email Sender & Email Reader:  This pair of Snaps let you send and receive email when you run a pipeline.
  • Message Queue Snap Pack (with Apache ActiveMQ and Sun OpenMQ accounts): The JMS Consumer and JMS Producer Snaps let you fetch and create JMS messages respectively.
  • Mongo - Find, Mongo - Insert (with simple account or replica set account)
  • RedShift Snap Pack: Delete, Execute, Insert, Select, Update (with Redshift account)
  • Zuora Read and Query (with Zuroa account) 
  • Tableau Write

Updated Snaps

The Javascript expression language was implemented on String fields of several Snaps. Fields that support the expression language have a "=" toggle before them.
See the Using Expressions topic for more information.