Snap Updates, December 20, 2014 ​

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  • Salesforce Wave Analytics
  • Anaplan Action & Write
  • Email Archive
  • Join: a new version of the Join Snap has been created. The existing version will continue to work, but will be marked as Deprecated. Any future enhancements will be in the newer Join. The new Join will prefix top level attributes from the right with right_ and top level attributes from the left with left_.


Updated Snaps may include new or changed functionality or be otherwise improved.

  • Active Directory Rename: error view now displays when selected
  • Binary Snap Pack: tooltip cleanup
  • Birst
  • CSV Parser & Formatter have been enhanced to utilize Unicode for delimiters.
  • Data Validator: Type constraint added.
  • Expensify
  • Fixed Width Formatter: Now supports Null-safe access
  • ForEach
  • Google Analytics
  • JIRA Snap Pack
  • MongoDB Find
  • MySQL
  • NetSuite Snap Pack
    • NetSuite Lookup was renamed to NetSuite Get
    • NetSuite Query was renamed to NetSuite Search
    • NetSuite Create
  • Oracle Snap Pack: Lookup, Table list, Stored Procedure, Select
  • SAP Snap Pack: 
    • Execute
    • IDoc Write
    • tooltip cleanup
  • SAP HANA Snap Pack
  • Salesforce Snap Pack
    • Salesforce Upsert: External ID field is now suggestible.
    • Salesforce Read & Salesforce SOQL now accept 200 as a batch size.
    • Snaps with a Polling timeout property no longer have a maximum timeout limit.
  • SQL Server Snap Pack: connection, Select, Insert, Merge
  • Tableau Snap Pack: Support for Tableau 8.2 was added. Tableau Write
  • Union Snap: Preserve order was removed.
  • Workday: tooltip cleanup
  • XML Parser
  • XML Formatter
  • Zuora Read: an optional input view has been added.

Documentation Enhancements

  • Examples added to the following Snaps/Snap Packs:
    • SQL Server Snap Pack
    • Diff Snap
    • Script Snap (updated script samples with a sample pipeline)
    • SAP IDoc Listener
    • JIRA Snap Pack
  • Examples added to the replace string method in the expression language.
  • Documentation of the Pipeline and Snap Expressions