Fall 2014 Launch Updates

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Live on October 4th, 2014

Before You Begin

You will need to clear your browser cache before you log into the latest SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform.

See the appropriate documentation for your browser:



  • The Data Snap has been replaced by the Mapper Snap
  • The functionality of the Mapper table was enhanced with the following:
    • Mapper enhanced to support Structure mapping.
    • Performance enhancements now load the Mapper table sooner.
    • You can now map items by dragging an item from one schema to the other.
    • The Mapping root option now lets you process an array easier by setting this option to the top node of that array.
    • Mapper field highlight visibly indicates the mapping between input and output schemas.
    • Data preview of input and output data.

SmartLink Enhancements

  • Historical matching added to existing string mapping.
  • Supports nested hierarchies to allow for complex schemas.

Password Expiration

A password expiration policy has been implemented on the Settings Page. See Password Expiration for more information.

Pipeline Versions 

You can now create versions of your pipelines and revert to previous versions if necessary. See Pipeline Versions for more information.

SnapReduce (Beta)

SnapLogic's integration solution for the Hadoop environment.

Manager Updates

  • Additional directories under projects for Snap Packs and Snaplexes
  • Org admins can now see the Features page, where subscription features like SnapReduce are managed.
  • Updates for pipeline versions, including access to version history and the ability to revert a pipeline to a previous version.
  • Importing and Exporting Projects (Beta)

Designer Updates

  • Performance enhancements have been made to improve the load time of the Snap catalog.

Dashboard Updates



  • The Data Snap has been replaced by the Mapper Snap. 
  • SAP iDoc Listener


  • ServiceNow: support added for Eureka instances.
  • JMS: support added to pass the names of Queues/Topics as a parameter. Support to define a max read property on consumer to limit the number of messages read.
  • File Writer: APPEND file action now supported.
  • File Delete: support for the FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols added.
  • XML Formatter: support added to suggest input schema when an XSD specification is used.
  • Oracle - Stored Procedure: Support for suggesting schema/package and procedure names.
  • Database Table List Snaps now output table dependencies.
  • Email Sender: better handling of error messages to the error view.
  • REST Get: support added for gzip format.
  • Moved XML & FixedWidth Snaps to Transform Snap Pack
  • Moved PGP Snaps to the Binary Snap Pack.

Migration Impacts

The following items may impact your migration.

  • The Data Snap is replaced by the Mapper Snap. A new required field, Mapping route, was added and will default to $. You should verify your pipelines after the update to see if additional changes are needed.
  • A check has been put in place to verify project names do not contain a #.

Known Issues

  • Running a pipeline with a missing HDFS Write Snap fails with a confusing error message, stating Endpoint interface not implemented. CLOSED
  • Account label names cannot be exactly the same name as file Assets that will be uploaded. Doing so will delete the account.