May 2014 Launch Updates

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UI Enhancements

  • In Designer, when adding a new account through a Snap's Add Account dialog, the account is now automatically populated in the text box. 
  • Improved Visibility of Data Preview 
    Previously, the data preview trigger was shown by a border on the right side of a Snap and a preview icon when you moused over the connector. Now, the icon displays on half of the connector when data preview is available. 
  • Property Value Editor
    For certain fields, you can now access a drop-down list of functions and property values.

  • Click the icon within the list to expand the editor.

  • You can now delete views at the end of the list if there are no other changes to the views without having to remove connected Snaps.
  • The canvas is now set to extend infinitely to the right and down, but not left and right. If you have pipelines that are displaying behind the catalog, click on the actual pipeline (not the canvas) to drag it to the visible part of the canvas. 


  • You can now move pipelines between projects. Note that in moving pipelines, associated accounts and files will be disconnected.
  • The Add User and Create User functionality has been combined into one dialog.
  • Personal projects are now provisioned for each new user created.
  • Accounts

    • Account JDBC Driver configuration has been simplified and the Oracle and SQL Server accounts now come with bundled drivers.
    • Account validation was added to the Salesforce, Workday, and NetSuite accounts.  


The Dashboard has been updated with multiple features, including:

  • Pipeline Health wall: see at a glance which pipelines are failing.
  • Non-admins can only see their pipelines in the pipeline run log.
  • You can now stop pipelines from the Dashboard.
  • More information is available for Snaplexes and their JCCs


  • Schema suggest is now supported upstream for Snaps with more than one input view.
  • The eval() JavaScript function was implemented to let you evaluate an expression passed in as a pipeline parameter or in a document.
  • Security: UI Timeout
    After one hour of inactivity in the UI, you will be logged out and need to log back in to continue. 



  • Oracle Lookup Snap
  • CSV Generator Snap
  • Sequence Snap
  • Constant Snap
  • XML Generator Snap
  • Workday Delete Snap
  • Script Snap 


  • SOAP Request, REST Get, REST Post all updated to support input parameters in HTTP headers
  • Workday: You can now introspect the available services in a Workday tenant-specific endpoint and pull out the list of objects per operation.
  • NetSuite & Workday support full template generation
  • Conditional Snap updated with Null-safe access.
  • The Data Snap no longer needs an input. With no input view specified, it generates a downstream flow of one row.