April 2014 Launch Updates

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Live on production servers April 12, 2014


UI Enhancements

  • The Pipeline Run Log and Run Pipeline icons in Designer were updated for clarity.
  • The Save icon in infoboxes and dialogs now save the pipeline instead of just applying changes.

  • Pipeline tabs resize to make it easier to access all open pipelines.
  • The Snaplex Health Wall in Dashboard was updated with new icons to more clearer indicate the status of your Snaplexes.


Manager Enhancements

  • Support for pipeline parameters in Tasks
    If pipeline parameters are defined for a pipeline, you can supply values for those parameters  when defining a Task.



  • OAuth2 Support for REST
  • Date Getter methods were added to the expression language to support conversion between date/time and epoch.
  • Replicate DB Schema
    Support has been added to replicate a database tables in Redshift by the passing the schema in a second output view of the database Select Snap and sending it to the second input view of a Redshift Insert or Bulk Load Snap. See the Replicate a Database Schema in Redshift use case for more information.


New Snaps

  • Active Directory Snap Pack
  • Vertica Snap Pack
  • LDAP Snap Pack
  • OpenAir Snap Pack

Updated Snaps

  • Aggregate Snap updated to handle aggregating Strings, Date, Time, and DateTime.
  • File Writer Snap updated to allow for appending, overwriting, ignoring or erroring out if the file already exists.
  • Database Snaps that request a table name now have an optional Schema name field. Selecting a schema restricts the Table name field to only those tables within that schema. Additionally, a second output view was added to send out the database schema.
  • The Redshift Insert and Bulk Load Snaps have also been modified to support two input views. One view accepts the rows to insert into a table and the other accepts the JDBC metadata dump generated by the second output view of a DB Select Snap.
  • The Redshift Bulk Update Snap has been renamed to the Redshift Bulk Upsert Snap to more accurately reflect its functionality.
  • NetSuite Snap Pack enhanced to include Snaps for Lookup, Get List
  • Excel Parser Snap enhanced to determine column names in a spreadsheet.
  • ForEach Snap updated to support Snaplex selection and pipeline parameters.
  • Box Move Snap was replaced with Box File Operations to add support for copy and delete operations.