FAQ - Jython and JRuby library upgrade impacting the Script Snap

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What is happening?

As part of our monthly release, we are upgrading the runtime libraries supporting the Script Snap Pack on June 12th, 2024.  

Why are we upgrading the runtime libraries?

Regularly updating libraries such as Jython and JRuby is a best practice in software development. This helps ensure that your applications are secure, performant, compatible with other tools, and can benefit from the latest features and fixes.

What is the expected impact?

We do not expect any impact on your pipelines and automation.

What action do I need to take?

To ensure compatibility, we recommend you update your Snaplex to the main-24960 - 4.37 Patch 2 after the June 12, 2024 release.  Test the Script Snap pipelines to verify if they align with your needs.

Do I need to reconfigure the Script account?

No, you do not have to reconfigure your account settings; the account can remain as-is to work with the library upgrade.

Can you provide us with the official site for Jython and JRuby download?

Here are the official websites for Jython and JRuby:

These sites contain the official documentation, downloads, and other resources.

More questions?

Contact support@snaplogic.com with your details and specific questions.