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Deprecation Notice: Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack

Starting from the 4.22 GA release, we are replacing the Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack with the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Snap Pack. Hence, ACP Read and ACP Write Snaps are deprecated in 4.22 release. For more information, see the Adobe Experience Platform Read and Adobe Experience Platform Write Snap articles.

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This Snap Pack contains the following Snaps:

Supported Accounts

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Snap Pack History

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4.24 (main8556)

  • No updates made.

4.23 423patches7447

  • Fixes the Adobe Experience Platform Execute Snap issue of not passing data correctly to the downstream Snap by creating Map obj = new LinkedHashMap(); inside loop. LinkedHashMap is a hash table and linked list implementation of the Map interface, with a predictable iteration order. 

4.23 (main7430)

  • Replaces the Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack.
  • Introduces the Adobe Experience Platform Read Snap that enables executing SQL queries in the Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Updates the Adobe Experience Platform JWT Account to enable you to create accounts in a Sandbox location during the development phase.
  • Enhances the Adobe Experience Platform Read Snap by adding fields, Batch IDsStart date, and End Date to allow filtering batches by ID, start date, and end date with millisecond precision.

4.22 (main6403)

4.21 Patches

4.21 (snapsmrc542)

4.20 (snapsmrc535)

  • No updates made.

4.19 (snapsmrc528)

  • No updates made.

4.18 (snapsmrc523)

  • Enhanced the Snap Pack to support the Map datatype in XSD-based datasets.

4.17 Patch ALL7402

  • Pushed automatic rebuild of the latest version of each Snap Pack to SnapLogic UAT and Elastic servers.

4.17 (snapsmrc515)

  • Added the Snap Execution field to all Standard-mode Snaps. In some Snaps, this field replaces the existing Execute during preview check box.

4.16 (snapsmrc508)

  • No updates made. Automatic rebuild with a platform release.

4.15 (snapsmrc500)

  • No updates made. Automatic rebuild with a platform release.

4.14 (snapsmrc490) 

  • No updates made. Automatic rebuild with a platform release.

4.13 (snapsmrc486)

  • New! Initial release of the Snap Pack. This includes Adobe Cloud Platform Read and Adobe Cloud Platform Write Snaps.
  • Introduced the basic Adobe Cloud Platform JWT Account.