4.10 Snap Patch Release Notes

The following Snap Packs have been updated since the 4.10 release:



Snap PackBuild


08/14/2017Google Spreadsheetspreadsheet3626Addressed an issue where Worksheet Reader failed unexpectedly when validation mode input exceeded limitations.
08/16/2017Xactlyxactly3636Fixed the issue for field not found in JSON object: soapenv:Body resolution



Fixed BULK LOAD so it adds the thread name to the name of the temporary directory. This allows multiple BULK LOAD Snaps within a single pipeline.
08/23/2017Hadoophadoop3838Made HDFS Snaps work with Zone encrypted HDFS.
08/24/2017SAPsap3845Fixed an issue with not evaluating the entire input table parameters.
08/25/2017PostgreSQLpostgres3773Previously the Postgres PGObject datatype could not be serialized. It is now handled as a String.
8/29/2017RabbitMQrabbitmq3860Fixed an issue in Retrying. The configuration for retrying can be provided in Producer and Consumer snaps individually.
9/1/2017Binarybinary3840Handles S3OutputStream failures.
9/1/2017Hadoophadoop3851Supported ORC read/write from the local file system.
9/1/2017Hadoophadoop3851Addressed an issue to bind the Hive Metadata to Parquet Writer Schema at Runtime.
9/11/2017binarybinary3930Directory Browser - When "Ignore empty result" is not selected, the "original" passthrough document is now returned even when the S3 directory is empty.
9/14/2017Hadoophadoop3887Addressed the suggest issue for the HDFS Reader on Hadooplex.
9/14/2017Redshiftredshift3936[Redshift Execute] with a Select hangs after extracting 13 million in the morning or 30 million in the evening.


ldap3959Updated the Apache Active Directory API JAR from version 1.0.0-M21 to 1.0.0 to address scenarios where the number of open file descriptors may continue to grow.
9/21/2017SQL Serversqlserver3953

Fixed an issue where the SQL Server Stored Procedure gets hanged when more than one Snap existed in the pipeline each processing greater than 1K documents.


Fixed an issue with the Soap Execute Snap that fails with error "Failure:Error:Unable to parse XML schema information from the given WSDL".
9/21/2017Transformtransform3956Conditional Snap: fixed an issue with the "Null-safe access" Snap Setting not being respected for return values.

DynamoDBdynamodb3950Resolved an issue with the DynamoDB Scan Snap which was not able to perform the scan operation on the table with huge amount of data (Actual description Error executing scan process, 0 after the 4.10 release)
9/26/2017Emailemail3944Resolved an issue with the Email Reader Snap to support the shared mailbox on an Office 365 server. Email Reader did not support Office 365 shared mailbox until we explicitly disabled plaintext authentication when we specify ssl authentication. The Office server falsely reports that it supports PLAIN authentication and the snap library is happy to try it but it always fails. This is a known issue with Office 365 / Outlook

Hadoophadoop4001Supported HDFS Writer to write to the encryption zone.

10/02/2017Emailemail4025Added connection, read, and write timeout settings that support retries for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP email account types
10/05/2017MongoDBmongo3978Rsolved an issue where the NumberFormatException was not handled properly for some of the valid Number Types like "NaN"/ "+Infinity"/ "-Infinity".
10/05/2017Google BigQuery
Addressed an issue when authenticating with Dynamic OAuth accounts.
10/06/2017Transformtransform4058Addressed an issue with Excel Parser Snap that failed with out of memory when using large input Data (eg. 191 MB).
10/09/2017RESTrest4070Resolved an issue with the REST GET Snap that often fails to exit properly. This should reduce or eliminate that problem.
10/11/2017RabbitMQrabbitmq4094Fixed an issue related to messages being processed multiple times under certain failure conditions with Ultra pipelines. Added additional timeout conditions to the retry/error view handling.
10/12/2017Redshiftdb/redshift4115Resolved an issue with the Upsert or BulkUpdate/BulkLoad Snaps which shall not execute and produce output when no inputView has been provided.
10/13/2017Salesforcesalesforce4005Salesforce Poller Snap: Include the success field to be included in the output.
10/17/2017Snowflakedb/snowflake4133Snowflake Bulk Load: Added a property to preserve case sensitivity for CSV data.
10/18/2017Binarybinary4019Resolved an issue with the File Writer Snap writing to an FTP Server that may prematurely close the connection; this patch ensures the write has fully completed before disconnecting.
10/26/17Dynamics CRM


Support for Guid datatype as input parameter: Resolved an issue with Dynamics CRM Snap that fails when record ID is specified.