August 2018, 4.14 Release Notes

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On Saturday, September 8, 2018, at 10 PM PT, all customer Snaplex nodes across Orgs are upgraded to 4.14 per the new SnapLogic Release Process. In case of any questions, contact SnapLogic Support.

Before you begin

You may need to clear your browser cache before you log into the latest SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP). See the applicable documentation for your browser:

You may see an Upgrade Notice dialog informing that you will be logged out immediately to complete the update process. Because the SnapLogic platform consists of multiple applications, you will likely see this message a few times.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest browser version.

Accounts and Platform updates

Some accounts may have a fixed time for refresh tokens, such as Google accounts that must be refreshed every hour. If that refresh needs to occur when the platform is down for an update, the refresh does not occur. To prevent these accounts from failing after a new platform deployment, we recommend you to refresh your accounts before the designated downtime. If the platform is down for longer than an hour, you will need to refresh those accounts once the platform is back online.

Platform Enhancements

Designer and Manager 

  • Added GitHub integration to enable users to add a project’s assets to GitHub repositories. This feature allows you to checkout your GitHub repository to a project, and supports Push, Pull, and Commit requests.
  • Enhanced Iris, SnapLogic’s Integration Assistant, to provide suggestions for upstream Snaps for a selected Snap.
  • Enhanced Pipeline search in the Dashboard (execution list) to include pipeline parameters in the pipeline search. It now searches the pipeline name, Snaplex, node name, and user.
  • Enhanced the Ultra Pipeline Tasks to support passing the bearer token as a query parameter for authorization in systems where passing the bearer token as a header is not supported.


  • Added Groundplex support on Mesosphere, enabling you to deploy and maintain SnapLogic more easily and quickly from within Mesosphere, as a container. This is in addition to the Groundplex support for Docker containers.
  • Added a new match operator expression to the Expression language. The match operator can be used to conditionally evaluate one of a number of expressions, based on whether an input value matches a given pattern.
  • Added a new expression hasPath to the Expression language. It is a boolean expression that can check the existence of an object in a JSONPath.
  • Enhanced security for pipeline operations

    • Disabling external process (such as popen) creation on Cloudplex via the Script Execute or custom Snap. While external process creation support continues on Groundplex, this may be disabled upon customer request to
    • Disabling read/write access to files in the Snaplex installation folder while executing pipelines.
  • Fixed the Math.pow expression, to mimic the JavaScript function. This changes the expression output as explained below: 
    Current behavior:
    Math.pow(9, 0.5) returns 1
    Math.pow(9, 1.5) returns 9
    Math.pow(9, 1.9) returns 9

    New behavior:
    Math.pow(9, 0.5) returns 3
    Math.pow(9, 1.5) returns 27

    If any of your existing pipelines use the Math.pow expression, then you might want to check the output to ensure it is as expected. In case of any discrepancies, contact


  • Enhanced the Activity Log UI, enabling you to view the number of log entries available, and view log entries in sets of 100.


This section provides the Snap updates for the August 2018 (4.14) release. This release also includes the patches made to Snaps in the 4.13 release, as listed in the 4.13 Dot Releases page. 

  • Pipelines that are already started before a Snap update will continue to run with the older version of the Snaps. Only pipelines started after the new Snaps are deployed will run with the new Snaps.
  • For Ultra pipelines, the currently running instances will continue to run with the older Snap packs. Editing and saving the task instance in Manager will cause a rolling restart of the ultra pipeline instances and the new Snap Packs will get picked up.
  • Customers using SQL Server with Windows authentication and SAP will need to restart their Groundplex and Cloudplex instances.

New Snap Pack

  • MS Dynamics 365 for Sales combines Microsoft’s CRM and ERP cloud solutions to help you sell better and faster. MS Dynamics 365 for Sales welds digital intelligence with automated business processes, enabling you to manage your sales lifecycle efficiently with minimal expert oversight. This Snap Pack includes the following Snaps:

New Snaps

  • Hadoop Snap Pack: Added the Hadoop Directory Browser Snap, which browses a given directory path in the Hadoop file system using the HDFS protocol and generates a list of all the files in the directory. Ability to browse HDFS Directories when Kerberos is enabled
  • Reltio Snap Pack: Added the Reltio Generic Execute Snap, which allows you to perform CRUD operations on the Reltio console using REST API calls. If you are using the field version of the Reltio Snap Pack, then see the migration document for steps to migrate to the Product Snap Pack version.

Updated Snap Packs


  • Basic Auth Account: Enhanced the Basic Auth Account to support passing username and password dynamically using pipeline parameters.
  • Symmetric Crypto Account: Enhanced the Symmetric Crypto Account to support passing secret key dynamically using pipeline parameters.

Database (DB)

  • PostgreSQL Snap Pack: Added support for Postgres deployed as Azure DB and Amazon Aurora, enabling you to select, insert, update, execute, list, lookup, and delete contents from Amazon Aurora DB and Azure SQL DB.
  • MySQL Snap Pack: Added Azure DB and Amazon Aurora support, enabling you to select, insert, update, execute, list, lookup, and delete contents from Amazon Aurora DB and Azure SQL DB.
  • Hadoop Snap Pack: Added support for S3 file protocol in the ORC Reader, and ORC Writer Snaps.
  • Hive Account: Added a new Generic Hive Database Account. This account type enables connecting to different types of clusters using JDBC URL.

Big Data

SnapLogic launches eXtreme – our Big Data offering that can process data at scale. SnapLogic eXtreme extends the accessible and easy-to-use Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) to build and submit powerful Spark based pipelines to managed Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) such as Amazon EMR. The following are the key features of eXtreme:

  • A new solution enabling users to manage data dynamically and on-demand.

  • Simplifies the elastic processing of highly complex Tera/petabyte volumes of data.

  • Extends SnapLogic hybrid iPaaS capabilities to BDaaS offerings.

  • Design pipelines using SnapLogic’s visual designer environment enabling self-service capabilities.

  • Life cycle management of cloud-first, transient, big data clusters.

  • Managed through the unified SnapLogic platform.

UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and the GA release. The expected schedule is:

  • UAT Push #1, July 20, 2018 (Release updates are published above)
  • UAT Push #2, July 27, 2018
  • UAT Push #3, August 03, 2018
  • GA Push, August 11, 2018 (9 pm PST or 4 am GMT)

UAT Push #2, July 27, 2018

Platform Updates

  • Fixed issues causing pipeline and account access to fail when using the GitHub integration.
  • Fixed a bug with the Math.pow() expression function implementation, which now mimics the JavaScript function as expected.
  • Fixed an issue causing pipeline failures during Snaplex rolling restart.
  • Fixed an issue causing expression compilation to fail for large expressions.

UI Updates

  • Added an error message when a user tries to do a checkout without first doing a check-in of the updates assets in the GitHub integration.
  • Added support to display the org name in the Checkout GitHub Repository.
  • Fixed an issue wherein UI displays "Already Up To Date" message, even as the GitHub Pull is in progress. 
  • Fixed an issue wherein dragging a Snap from the Suggested Snaps panel after activating the 2nd output of Snap results in a script error.
  • Fixed an issue wherein only accounts from the Shared folder list in the eXtremeplex Account tab for existing Snaplexes, instead of listing all the accounts under Project Spaces.

Snap Updates

  • Launched the MS Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Online version).
  • Fixed an issue in the HDFS Reader Snap wherein it is unable to read the file when the file name contains special characters. 

  • Added support for the compression type "SNAPPY" to the Confluent Kafka Producer Snap.

  • Added support to create a new table with the JDBC Insert Snap on IBM db2.

UAT Push #3, August 03, 2018

Platform Updates

  • Fixed a bug in account encryption when using the Metadata Snaps.
  • Fixed authorization bugs for runtime fetch API and group membership API.
  • Reduced the expiration time to download the .slpropz file to one hour.

UI Updates

  • Fixed an issue wherein the GitHub button displays in the menu for a user account that did not authenticate.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the SnapLogic Expression field ("=") did not enable after adding a row.
  • Fixed an issue in eXtreme wherein a deleted AWS account ID displays in the Snaplex Account tab.
  • Fixed an issue in eXtreme wherein pipeline executions intermittently do not report the runtime status.

Snap Updates

  • Fixed an issue in the HDFS Directory Browser Snap, wherein the File Filter property is mandatory, instead of being non-mandatory.
  • Added support in the Parquet Writer Snap to recognize binary encoded data.
  • Fixed an issue in the MS Dynamics 365 Upsert and Update Snaps that fail when the search criteria is invalid for a given MS Dynamics 365 Object Type.

GA Delta, August 11, 2018

Platform Updates

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate pipeline executions due to network related failures.

UI Updates

  • Fixed an issue wherein GitHub did not reflect updated SnapLogic asset names upon commit. 

Snap Updates

  • Fixed the Hadoop Directory Browser Snap with the correct documentation link. 
  • Added support in the MS Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack to accept Bit Integer data type as an input. 

4.14 Dot Releases

SnapLogic dot releases help optimize and continuously improve the platform. This dot release section documents all customer-impacting updates across the SnapLogic platform. 


Release #DateUpdatesBuildActions

Fixed an issue to allow expression language property name literals to start with the @ character.


For information on updating Snaplexes, refer to How to Update a Snaplex War File.


Release #DateUpdatesActions
  • Fixed an issue to allow users to deselect the expression button (=) for the Execution Label field in the Pipeline Execute Snap.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wild Card field in the Multi File Reader Snap to support wildcard values.
  • Fixed an issue where users receive "Cannot read property 'addClass' of null" error when adding Snaps from the Integration Assistant before the Pipeline finishes loading.
  • Fixed an issue with Smart Link where the expression functionality (=) is not enabled by default. Users can now view columns and values after clicking Smart Link.
  • Fixed an issue where users receive "Cannot read property 'path' of undefined" error after trying to authorize a Box account on a Box Snap if the first Snaplex in an Org is an eXtremeplex.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Help (question) icon in the IRIS Suggestion box redirects users to an incorrect documentation page.

Snap Packs

Snap PackUpdate DateBuildUpdates
Anaplan anaplan6247Added a new property, Override server settings, to override a few settings saved on Anaplan's server.
REST rest6159Fixed an issue wherein the REST GET and POST Snaps were infinitely trying to connect to endpoint even after pipeline execution abortion.
Transform transform6098Fixed an issue wherein the XML Parser Snap was not maintaining the datatype mentioned in the XSD file.
Transform transform6080Fixed an issue with the Avro Formatter Snap wherein the Snap was failing for a complex JSON input.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm5971Fixed an issue with the Upsert Snap wherein duplicate records were being created because the Snap was ignoring certain query fields.
SOAP soap6027

Removed the hardcoded timeout in ClientBuilder.

Splunk splunk5963

Updated the Splunk Search Snap to stream results directly to the client without storing them in the server.

Workday Prism workdayprism5932

New Snap Pack: Introducing Workday Prism Snap Pack with the Bulk Load Snap.

SQL Server db/sqlserver5912Fixed an issue to parse the right data type and display it in the input schema for SQL Server Snap.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm5857Fixed an issue with Dynamics CRM Create operation for ownerid tags.
Hadoop hadoop5888Fixed an issue wherein the Hadoop snaps were throwing an exception when a Kerberized account is provided, but the snap is run in a non-kerberized environment.
JMS jms5863

Fixed an issue with class loading of dependent libraries for JMS account.


Fixed an issue with S3 file reads getting aborted intermittently because of incomplete consumption of input stream.

REST rest5782

Fixed an issue wherein the REST POST Snap was not accepting any blank values from upstream Mapper Snap.

Spark SQL 2.x sparksql2x5801Fixed an issue wherein the Spark SQL 2.x Snap documentation did not open.
Redshift db/redshift5786

Fixed an issue wherein the Redshift Upload snap logged the access and secret keys without encryption in the error logs. The keys are now masked.

Google Spreadsheet google/spreadsheet5730

Migrated Google Sheets from API v3 to v4. Implemented retries to overcome defects in Sheets API.

Confluent Kafka confluentkafka5737

Added a new property to the Confluent Kafka Producer Snap, Message publish timeout (milliseconds), that lets you specify a timeout value.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm5753

Fixed an issue with Owner ID tags request process in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Create Snap.

Email email5740

Fixed an issue with POP3 access in Email Reader, Archive, and Delete Snaps. IMAP specific methods are no longer called during POP3 access.

Anaplan anaplan5742

Fixed an issue where certain JCC logging configurations had conflicts in class loading that resulted in inaccurate log information.

Transform transform5684Fixed the JSON Parser Snap that causes the File Reader Snap failing to read S3 file intermittently with an AbortException error.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM dynamicscrm5720

Enhanced the Dynamics CRM Read Snap with the following to optimize Pipeline execution time and data integrity:

  • Reduced cache time for Read suggestions to five minutes.
  • Removed cache for Entity Reads.
REST rest5719Fixed an issue where the Ultra task was not producing a valid response while acknowledging documents.
LDAP ldap5701Enhanced LDAP Snap to include Search attributes that help reduce the payload.
Soap soap5698Fixed an issue with the Soap Snap that is unable to output default values for non-existing elements in an incoming document with directives.
Snowflake db/snowflake5681

Updated MERGE statements to execute as a direct query against Snowflake Snaps, bypassing JOOQ (Java Object Oriented Querying).

Birst birst5671

Updated the Birst Upload Snap with the following:

  • Renamed the "Uploaded Filename" field to "Data Source" to ensure that the field name aligns with Birst.
  • Parameterized the "Sub groups" field.
  • Routed timeout exception to the Error view.
Email email5662Fixed the Email Reader/Sender Snaps that replace the "+" symbol in attachment files with a space in the output.
Confluent Kafka confluentkafka5663Fixed the Confluent Kafka Snaps that do not delete temp files after pipeline execution.
SQL Server db/sqlserver5665Implemented a connection retry logic in the SQL Server account to resolve the connection loss issue in a customer's org.
MongoDB db/mongo5666

Fixed the Update, Delete, and Find Snaps to populate input view schema for a given table, similar to the Insert Snap.

Redshift db/redshift5667
  • Added "Validate input data" property in the Redshift Bulk Load Snap to enable users to troubleshoot input data schema.
  • Enhanced a check to identify whether the Provided Query in the Redshift Execute Snap is of read or write type.
Salesforce salesforce5670Fixed the Salesforce SOQL Snap that fails to execute if the parameter values of a SOQL query expression contain the WHERE clause.

For information on updating the Snap Packs, refer to How to upgrade to a new Snap Pack version.

Big Data

Release #DateUpdatesBuildActions

Added Spark SQL 2.x support for SnapLogic eXtreme. Build SnapLogic pipelines using Snaps that support Spark SQL 2.x on eXtremeplex. This Snap Pack has the following Snaps:

  • Aggregate: Applies aggregate functions on input data with Group By support. Takes document input and produces document output.
  • Cache: Configures the storage level for the dataset.
  • Copy: Copies the incoming dataset to all the output views of the Snap. Optionally, the dataset can be assigned a storage level.
  • CSV Formatter: Formats and writes data as a CSV file. This Snap takes document input and writes out binary output.
  • CSV Parser: Reads data files in CSV format. This Snap takes binary input and writes it out to a document.
  • Diff: Compares two input datasets (Original and Exclusion).  This Snap returns one output containing only those rows in the Original input data but not those from the Exclusion input data.
  • Execute: Executes an SQL query on incoming data frames (represented by incoming input views).
  • Filter: Filters a document stream based on an expression.
  • File Reader: Reads data from a data store such as AWS S3 and produces a binary data stream in the output.
  • File Writer: Writes the incoming dataset to a configured AWS S3 directory.
  • Intersect: Returns documents that are in all data inputs. This Snap eliminates documents not present in those inputs.
  • Join: Joins two inputs on a column together. This Snap supports an inner, left outer, right outer, and outer join.
  • Limit: Limits the specified number of input items to the output view.
  • LineReader: Reads text data from its input view line-by-line and writes it to an output view.
  • ORC Formatter: Formats and writes data as an ORC file. This Snap takes a document input and writes out binary output.
  • ORC Parser: Reads data files that are available in ORC format. This Snap takes binary input and writes it out to documents.
  • Parquet Formatter: Formats the incoming document from upstream Snaps to the Parquet file format used for storing data.
  • Parquet Parser: Parses and converts Parquet file data into documents that can be processed by downstream Snaps.
  • Pivot: Pivots rows to columns and applies a provided aggregate function on those columns.
  • Repartition: Repartitions input data to a given number of parts.
  • Router: Routes documents to output views matching a specified boolean expression. If expressions are not specified, then the documents are evenly distributed across all output views.
  • Sort: Sorts the input data on the specified column either in ascending or descending order and supports sorting by multiple columns.
  • Transform: Transforms the input data by applying configured transformation rules.
  • Union: Merges two or more incoming datasets into one single stream of data. It takes document inputs and writes out to documents.
  • Unique: Eliminates duplicate documents from the input dataset.

Spark SQL 1.xNo updates made. Automatic rebuild with the Spark SQL 2.x Snap Pack release. 

MULTIPLE5756 (Stable)You need eXtremeplex in order to build Spark SQL 2.x pipelines. To subscribe to the new Snap Pack for your org, contact