Ultra Pipeline FAQs

What do Ultra Pipelines do?

Provide the ability to call Pipelines as an API with low latency response times (milliseconds).

What are the requirements for setting up Ultra Pipelines?

An Ultra Pipeline should run on a dedicated Snaplex.  If an Ultra Pipeline has one unconnected input view and one or more unconnected output views, then it requires a FeedMaster.

Do Ultra Pipelines support all Snaps?

Not all Snaps can be used in an Ultra Pipeline. Snaps with limitations can be used in a child Pipeline, which you can invoke locally using the Pipeline Execute Snap. 

How do I achieve High Availability?

Add multiple FeedMasters, Load Balancers, and Virtual IP.

Is there a node restriction for Ultra Pipelines?

Generally, no; however, there are concurrency best practices for determining the proper number of nodes.

If my Tasks are internet facing, can I use other types of authentication?

Yes, you can disable the bearer token and use 3rd-party authentication management tools.