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Control Plane, User InterfaceSnaplexSnap PacksSupported Configuration?

OldOldYes. The Stable and Latest options for older Snap Packs running on an older Snaplex are supported, as well as Snap Pack overrides.
NewNo1. New Snap Packs require a new Snaplex.
NewOldNo. Old Snap Packs do not run on a new Snaplex. If an issue is found with a new Snap Pack, it can be overridden with an older version in consultation with SnapLogic Support.
NewYes. The Stable and Latest options for newer Snap Packs running on a newer Snaplex are supported, as well as Snap Pack overrides. 
1An older Snaplex has to use the older Snap Packs until the Snaplex is upgraded. New Snap Packs require a New Control Plane and a New Snaplex.

Impact on your SnapLogic instance during the release




Starting from August, 4.26 GA release, we are implementing zero downtime for the SnapLogic Platform during the quarterly release. This means that there will be no maintenance notice on the SnapLogic UI; you can continue accessing the UI during the maintenance window and make updates. Your Pipelines, API calls, etc. will continue to operate normally.


To achieve zero downtime and high availability, your Snaplex should have multiple nodes. As with prior releases, if your Snaplex has only one JCC or FeedMaster node, then your node will be down for a few minutes during the Snaplex upgrade process. Hence, scheduled Pipelines and Ultra Tasks will not run while the node is down for a few minutes. No action is required by you and all operations will restart normally once the node is running again.

Grace Period for Upgrades