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The SnapLogic® Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) uses AI-powered workflows to automate all stages of IT integration projects – design, development, deployment, and maintenance – whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. The platform’s easy-to-use, self-service interface enables both expert and citizen integrators to manage all application integration, data integration, and data engineering projects on a single, scalable platform. With the SnapLogic platform, organizations can connect all of their enterprise systems quickly and easily to automate business processes, accelerate analytics, and drive transformation.

The SnapLogic platform is HTML5-based and delivered as a multi-tenant cloud service. It uses Snaps, our integration connectors, which allow you to easily connect any combination of SaaS and on-premises applications and data sources. SnapLogic provides Snaps for all styles of integration  batch, real-time, and streaming, for data of all varieties  both structured and unstructured.

Leveraging Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure, SnapLogic is able to scale to meet enterprise integration needs in the cloud. With appropriate configurations of hardware or leveraging private cloud infrastructure, customers can implement Elastic integration in on-premises data centers. Customers can ship functions closer to where their data resides (instead of moving large data sets) and optimize computing power consumption.


Starting with the August 2024 (4.38) release, only Snap Pack versions from the previous two platform releases will be available. For example, for the August release, only 4.37 (May 2024) and 4.36 (Feb 2024) will be available. If your Org is configured with earlier Snap Pack versions, you must upgrade to the latest supported version by the August 2024 release. Learn more about the Upcoming Policy Change for Snap Pack Versions.

What's New

The May 2024 GA Release is available:

Read the Release Notes. For upcoming release and Snaplex mandatory upgrade dates and times, refer to the release calendar.


The SnapLogic May 2024 Release includes the following:

Admin Manager

  • Collapsible navigation pane

API Management

  • New public API for Git Integration Operations for API version

  • API Metrics now available in Monitor

  • New public API to perform soft delete on the API and API version

  • A JWT Outbound policy is now available for Proxies


  • Merge columns transformation to concatenate data

  • Interface to update data pipelines to the latest AutoSync Snap Pack

  • New target endpoints: Databricks, Amazon S3, and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2

Data Automation

  • Load flat and nested data sets from Parquet files to Snowflake with the ELT Load Snap

Documentation Updates

  • Video on adding a Response Transformer Policy to a Proxy.

GenAI Builder

  • Added the Anthropic Claude on AWS Messages Snap to the Amazon Bedrock Snap Pack


  • New pages:

    • Alert history

    • Integration catalog


  • New Git Integration public API to discard local changes

  • New public API to create, update, and delete a Groundplex

  • Modified public API for sending a notification email when a user is added


  • The Azure SQL Bulk Extract Snap now supports the Azure SQL Entra and Azure SQL Entra Dynamic Accounts

  • Added support for Geospatial data types (Geography and Geometry) for the SQL Server Snap Pack

  • Added the MongoDB Execute and MongoDB - Atlas Vector Search Snaps to the MongoDB Snap Pack

  • Added the NetSuite Add List and NetSuite Async Add List Snaps to the NetSuite SOAP Snap Pack

  • Added Parquet Parser and Parquet Formatter Snaps to the Transform Snap Pack


  • Improved UX

New Documentation Site

For a list of all the articles available on, visit this page

SnapLogic launched a new documentation site,, which currently features articles related to the following products:

When you attempt to access the old documentation for these features, you are automatically redirected to the new site. In the event that pop-up blockers prevent this redirect, a notice on the old documentation page informs that it is no longer maintained. The notice recommends that you visit the new SnapLogic documentation site for the most up-to-date information.

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