About Our Documentation

At SnapLogic, we follow an Agile development process to allow us to provide features to you sooner. As a result, the code and the documentation may not always be in sync. We try our best to have quality documentation with each release, but sometimes there might be a lag.


Documentation for Snaps only covers those Snaps developed by SnapLogic that are generally available. Documentation for Private Snaps (those Snaps developed or modified for a single customer) will not be made available on our documentation site. Third-party developers that create Snaps are responsible for documentation of those Snaps.

Viewing documentation on mobile devices

As our documentation site uses Confluence Cloud, it will have the same behaviors and limitations as other Confluence sites viewed on mobile devices. See the Confluence Mobile documentation for more information.

Cross functional collaboration on SnapLogic Documentation

We want our documentation to be a collaborative process between our teams and our customers. Our documentation team collaborates with our engineers and product managers during the development process to gather information on how each feature works to create the documentation. Input from our cross functional teams like support and field is also incorporated to provide a more user-focused perspective.

We want to hear from you

Do you have tips or tricks that you think other users would benefit from? Do you have a detailed use case that you would like to see added? Send an email to documentation@snaplogic.com.

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