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This article describes how SnapLogic Customer Support works with your organization.


This article is intended for customers and SnapLogic representatives.


The following diagram illustrates the customer journey after engaging SnapLogic Customer Support about an issue:



  • Only authorized support contacts listed on your customer account can open tickets.

  • Authorized contacts must be personnel trained on the SnapLogic product.

  • Only an authorized support contact has permission to add or remove other contacts.

Create a Zendesk account

If you, as a SnapLogic Org member, do not have a Zendesk account, sign up with the following information:

  • Full name

  • Email address


  1. On the Zendesk Help page, in the lower left corner, click Sign up. The Sign Up for Zendesk Support dialog opens.

  2. Complete the form and click Sign up. The Sign-up Complete confirmation prompt appears.

  3. When you receive the email, follow the instructions for creating a password.

  4. After you create the account, you can comment on issues.

Contact your SnapLogic Customer Support representative to add other contacts from your organization to the ZenDesk ticket.

Support issue priority classification

SnapLogic Customer Support uses the following priority levels and definitions to categorize issues:











A feature of the service is not functioning correctly, but does not impact data quality or access. This includes requests for general information.

Contact CSM to open support ticket.



The service is not functioning correctly, where less than 50% of subscribed services are impacted or unreachable and no alternative is available, or where more than 50% of subscribed services are either impacted or unreachable where no workaround is available. This includes scripting and implementation of SnapLogic published API-related requests and single-user authentication issues.

Contact CSM to open support ticket.



The service is significantly impacted, where greater than 50% of subscribed services are impacted and unreachable and no alternative is available. This includes issues accessing two or more services.

Contact CSM to open support ticket.



The service has stopped or is so seriously impaired that it is unusable and no alternative is available. This includes issues accessing the entire set of services included in the service.

Call or email support to declare it as a priority 1 issue.

When a support ticket is created for your issue, we work on the issue during normal customer business hours. Beyond that period, you must request the case be continued by the support team on the subsequent shift. Nonstop support is provided only for P1 issues. An issue is considered resolved when a solution is provided.

Issue escalation

When your business-critical issue requires a higher level of attention, you can escalate your case by calling or emailing support. Provide the existing ticket number with your request, a reason for the escalation, and the business impact. WhenSnapLogic Customer Support receives a request for escalation, we contact the requestor to develop an action plan.

Case information

As part of the SnapLogic Customer Support’s issue investigations, Technical Support Engineers will investigate and might request logs, configuration details, and in some cases access to specific assets in your SnapLogic Org. If you want to share case information in Zendesk with other members of your organization, provide the Technical Support Engineer assigned to the case with their contact information.

Time zone considerations

SnapLogic Customer Support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that cases can be worked on across multiple shifts if the need is required.

The following regions and timezones are supported:

  • Americas - PST/PDT

  • Asia Pacific - IST

  • Europe - EST

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