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  1. Log in to the SnapLogic Elastic platform. In Manager, browse to the project folder of your existing pipeline and right click to Export the pipeline information. 

  2. In the Export projects dialog, select all the check boxes, except Account (since you will be later reconfiguring that information for the new Reltio Snaps).  

    1. Alternately, to migrate a single pipeline, open the same in Designer and click  on the top right menu bar to export the pipeline.

  3. Create a new project folder and then import the saved project/pipeline zip file to the new folder.

  4. Go to Manager > Snap Packs and select the default build for Reltio, for example: snapsmrc465 (default), or later, assuming that SnapLogic Support has enabled it for your orgs. You need admin permission to perform this step.

  5. Go to Designer > Snaps to view the Reltio Snap Pack in the catalog.
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  6. Verify that the FQID of your existing PS Snap matches with that of the new Reltio Product version. If they differ, then you are probably comparing a different Reltio PS version. 

  7. Go to Designer > Pipelines, browse to your new project folder where you imported the existing pipelines and launch the pipelines that have the Reltio Snaps. However, the pipelines will not validate, due to the new parameters introduced in the Product version.

  8. For each Reltio Snap, enter the Reltio account and other Snap information. For instance, the new parameters. See the Mapping Parameters for Snaps table for more information.

  9. Save the pipeline to validate the new Reltio accounts and Snap configuration.