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  • Details: The Snaplex node's clock must be in sync with the time on the cloud servers and other nodes in the Snaplex.
  • Resolution: Configure the Snaplex node's operating system to synchronize its clock with a time server.
  • ReferenceGroundplex Requirements for On-premises Snaplex

Cannot bind to "..." network port ...


  • Details: At least two processors are required.
  • Resolution: Install on a machine with more than one processor.
  • ReferenceGroundplex Requirements for On-premises Snaplex

Local path has incorrect permissions: ...


  • Details: Multiple nodes are using the same jetty certificate/key (jcc-serverkeys.jks and jcc-serverkeys.pass). This occurs when the certificate is copied from JCC to another.
  • Resolution: Ensure that you use a different jetty certificate/key on each node.

Org instance count is "...", that exceeds the configured instance limit (limit = 20)

  • Details: The number of executions by these Snaplex nodes have surpassed the limit for this Org. The instance count is an average across the Org, and the violation (for example, 23.39) is expressed as a decimal number.
  • Resolution: Notify the Org admin and use another Snaplex to run your Pipelines.


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