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Data Preview helps you confirm that mapping and transformations are working as expected. At design time, when you save or validate a Pipeline, SnapLogic attempts to pass sample a sampling of the real data through all of the Snaps. You can preview the sample data output from any Snap that executed successfully and navigate through all Data Previews in the Pipeline. You can also preview the sample data from failed Snaps that output error documents.

SnapLogic encrypts the sample data before storing it to use in Data Preview. By default, the sample data includes the first 50 records from the input source, up to 15 MB in total size. If the number of documents to preview exceeds 15 MB, validation causes an error. You Org admins can change the Org-wide setting for the number of documents to preview, as long as the sample size is under the 15 MB limitpreview documents in Admin Manager or disable pipeline validation. If not disabled, users can change the number of preview documents at the Project level in their User Settings, up to the value set by the Org admin in Admin Manager.

The Data Preview opens in a table. You can display it in JSON format or raw, unformatted. You can also use DataViz to render specific fields of preview data in the following visualizations: