Migrating Your Cloudplex Nodes to Java 11

To plan for the end of support for Java 8 by Oracle, SnapLogic is introducing support for Java 11 for SnapLogic Cloudplex instances hosted in the United States during the May 2020, 4.21 release cycle. Currently, the support for Java 11 is planned to begin in the week of June 29, 2020. After this date, all new Cloudplex nodes hosted in the United States will be on Java 11. Simultaneously, we are also enhancing the Cloudplex nodes to seamlessly apply system-level configuration and patch updates. Hence, starting from the August 2020, 4.22 release, your Cloudplex nodes will automatically replace with new nodes when upgrading to a new Snaplex version.

As for your existing Cloudplex nodes, we will migrate them to Java 11 on a rolling basis per the timeline given below. For a majority of our customers, the move to Java 11 will be seamless and your existing Pipelines will not be affected. For Cloudplex nodes that need attention, our Support team will proactively reach out to you.

We recommend you to go through this article, so that your teams know what to expect as we migrate your Cloudplex nodes.

Current timeline to upgrade your Cloudplex nodes and the upgrade process

  • 9 p.m. PT on Saturday, June 13, 2020: All Snaplex instances hosted in the United States across customer Orgs will be upgraded to the latest 4.21 version.

  • June 15 to June 27: The SnapLogic IT infrastructure will be upgraded for the Cloudplex nodes. Existing Cloudplex nodes will update to the new IT infrastructure.

  • June 29 to July 31: Existing Cloudplex nodes will upgrade to Java 11 in a rolling restart method with a goal to upgrade all Cloudplex nodes by July 31, 2020. Old nodes will be replaced with new nodes running Java 11. The JCE key size compatibility restriction applies for the update. See the next section for details.

Upgrade your Groundplex nodes to Java 11 before we update your Cloudplex nodes to Java 11

Snaplex instances with two or more nodes will require no downtime for upgrading to Java 11. Nonetheless, you must ensure that your existing Groundplex nodes are upgraded to Java 11 or that you install the unlimited JCE key size extension on your Java 8 Groundplex nodes. The JCE update is required if your Groundplex nodes are on older installations of Java 8 (versions earlier than Java 1.8.0_162). Else, SnapLogic Pipelines comprised of a combination of parent/child Pipelines that are configured to execute on separate Snaplex nodes with varying JCE key sizes will likely fail.

Cloudplex behavior after your nodes update to the enhanced IT infrastructure

After we upgrade your Cloudplex nodes to the enhanced IT infrastructure, the nodes will reinitialize with each Snaplex version upgrade. Subsequently, you will notice the following change:

Any files created on the local file system (using file:// protocol) will not be accessible across the Snaplex upgrades, since the nodes will be new. Hence, we recommend using Cloud storage for files you need to access across the Snaplex upgrade process. SnapLogic Platform does not perform a backup of files created on the Cloudplex node's local file system.