Azure Data Lake Account

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You can use the Azure Data Lake account type to connect Binary Snaps with data sources that use the Azure Data Lake accounts.



Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

FieldField TypeDescription


StringSpecify a unique name for your account instance.

Tenant ID


Specify the directory ID of the Azure Active Directory.

Default Value: [None]

Access ID


Specify the Application ID of the application in the Azure Active Directory.

Default Value: [None]

Secret Key


Specify the authentication key for accessing the Azure Active Directory.

Default Value: [None]

SnapLogic automatically appends "" to the store name you specify when using Azure Data Lake; therefore, you do not need to add '' to the URI while specifying the directory.

Account Encryption

Standard Encryption

If you are using Standard Encryption, the High sensitivity settings under Enhanced Encryption are followed.

Enhanced Encryption

If you have the Enhanced Account Encryption feature, the following describes which fields are encrypted for each sensitivity level selected per each account.

  • High: Access ID, Secret key
  • Medium + High: Access ID, Secret key
  • Low + Medium + High Access ID, Secret key