Spring 2017 (4.9) Snap Updates

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Live on production May 13, 2017.

This page provides the Snap updates for the Spring 2017 (4.9) release. This release also includes the patches made to Snaps in the 4.8.0 release, as listed in the 4.8 Snap Patch Releases page.

For information on platform updates in this release, see Spring 2017 Platform Updates.

For information on Snap Pack build versions, see Snap Pack Versions by Release (updated at product release).

Pipelines which are already started before a Snap update will continue to run with the older version of the Snaps. Only pipelines started after the new Snaps are deployed will run with the new Snaps.
For ultra pipelines, the currently running instances would continue to run with the older Snap packs. Editing and saving the task instance in Manager will cause a rolling restart of the ultra pipeline instances and the new Snap Packs will get picked up.

Only those customers using SQL Server with Windows authentication and SAP will need to restart their Groundplex instances.

Some accounts may have a fixed time for refresh tokens, for example Google and Box accounts must be refreshed every hour. If that refresh needs to occur when the platform is down for an update, the refresh does not occur. To prevent these accounts from failing after a new platform deployment, it is recommended that you refresh your accounts before the designated down time.

New Snap Packs

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Snap Pack: This includes Dynamics CRM CreateDynamics CRM DeleteDynamics CRM ReadDynamics CRM Update and Dynamics CRM Search.

Updated Snap Packs


  • Added connection retry logic to Anaplan Action Snap.
  • "Re-submission of chunks" logic added to Anaplan Upload Snap.

Confluent Kafka 




  • Updated the Redshift S3 Upsert, Bulk Load and Bulk Upsert Snaps with the properties, Vacuum type & Vacuum threshold (%) (replaced the original Vacuum property) to support various Vacuum operations
  • Updated the Redshift S3 Upsert Snap for IAM Role and Server-side encryption support.
  • Added support for the Redshift driver under the account setting for JDBC jars.



SQL Server

  • SQL Server Bulk Load Snap supported to load data into the table if the table name starts with some special characters.
  • The Snap Pack is now tested with SQL Server 2016 version.

Tableau 9 &10

  • Support extended for Tableau 10.1 server version. This resulted in the Tableau 9 Snap Pack being renamed to Tableau 9&10.
  • Updated the Snap account with the properties, XML  Schema URL and API version (other).
  • Updated the Snap account with Access Key ID, Secret Key and IAM role to support access to files on S3.
  • Tableau REST Snap extended support to access the TDE files on S3.




  • Workday Read Snap updated with the Page Number and the Page Size properties to enhance the performance.
  • Workday Write Snap updated with Import SynchronizedImport Batch Size and Import Batch Node to enhance the performance for Import objects supporting bulk operations. 

Snap Development

The following version changes will be required to build custom Snap Packs post-2017 Spring release:

Java 8 now is required e.g.


The following dependency versions changes apply:


The following plugin version changes apply:


snappack-installer4.0 or 

Known Issues & Limitations

No known issues at this time.

UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and between the last push to UAT and the GA release.

UAT Update 4/29

  • Google Big Query: Bug Fixes for the failure to preview data and the failure with larger data sets
  • Snowflake: Bug Fixes to Bulk Load Snap
    • Fix for file name pattern
    • Output view result showing multiple documents
    • Support for bulk load table stage
  • Teradata: Bug fixes for Teradata Export to HDFS and TPT Fast Export
    • Not showing any Status in the output if there's no table
    • String type casting issue with Java 8 migration
  • Workday: Snap Performance Issue
  • Tableau 9&10: Bug fix for Tableau REST
    • Rest operations suggestions are not according to Tableau server version
    • Added white space between Tableau and the version number in the snap pack name
  • MS Dynamics CRM: Bug fixes for Read and Search snaps
    • Performance issue for Dynamics CRM Read and Search snaps
    • Showing 50 records only during pipeline execution
  • RabbitMQ: Added authentication support for SSL/TLSv1.2 AMQPS://
  • CSV Parser: CSV Parser Missing Documents on Successful Run

UAT Update 5/6

  • MS Dynamics CRM: Bug fix for Read and Search Snap regarding the number of output documents varying with different page sizes
  • SOAP: Bug fix in generating envelope.
  • Teradata: Bug fix for dynamic accounts in Teradata Export to HDFS Snap

UAT to GA Delta

  • Modified the replacement of JsonPath for constructing SOAP request envelope for Workday Read.
  • Fixed type cast exception introduced by Java 8 Upgrade for JMS Consumer.