SnapLogic Integration for Microsoft Azure

SnapLogic enables customers to get business insights faster by providing self-service data ingestion, preparation, and delivery from virtually any source to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Cortana Analytics Suite. 

SnapLogic enables enterprises to connect: 

  • Anything - applications, APIs, data 
  • Anytime - batch, streaming, real-time 
  • Anywhere - on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment 

SnapLogic enables customers to quickly transfer up to petabytes of data in and out of Microsoft Azure cloud storage and analytics services. The data can be moved at any latency to meet a diverse set of business requirements. 

SnapLogic’s hybrid execution framework – the Snaplex – is available on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace as Azureplex.

SnapLogic also offers intelligent connectors – called Snaps – for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to provide fast, self-service data connectivity. These Snaps are available directly in the SnapLogic Platform.

Getting Started With SnapLogic Azureplex

Ensure you have the appropriate SnapLogic licenses by contacting your SnapLogic Account Manager or email Note that if you are not yet at the "Create Azure VM" page within Azure, create a new VM, and search for SnapLogic. 

  1. In Azure, create your Azure VM and enter the required Azure information to launch the instance. For more information, see Azure's Quickstart guide
  2. Configure your Azure VM with the SnapLogic specific keys from step #1. Details for the corresponding operating system you create within Azure can be found here.
  3. You are now ready to begin connecting anything, anytime, anywhere through the SnapLogic Platform. For a quick start, review our Platform guide that will help you with the basics of SnapLogic.