Snap Updates, August 2014

New Snaps

  • PostgreSQL Snap Pack: Lookup records, fetch data, and execute SQL statements to delete, update or insert data within a specified PostgreSQL table.
  • Reltio (Beta): Read, write, and delete resource objects in Reltio.
  • Xactly (Beta): Search Xactly.
  • JIRA Transition: Support for the POST method for issue transitions was added in this release.
  • SAP IDoc Listener: Receives SAP IDoc requests and sends the IDoc data contained in the requests to the output view. 

Updated Snaps

  • Oracle Stored Procedure updated to support custom types.
  • SMB support**: Support for the SMB protocol was added to the following Snaps: File Read/Write/Delete, Multi File Reader, ZipFile Read/Write.
    **Contact SnapLogic to gain access to this protocol.
  • Fixed Width Parser enhanced to be able to skip any row based on a pattern.
  • CSV Parser now validates that the header field matches the declaration if Contains header is selected.
  • The SAP JCo Account now has two additional fields: Peak limit and Connection pool capacity.