SnapLogic - GitHub Integration


Integrate your SnapLogic account with GitHub repositories. The following project assets are supported:

  • Files
  • Pipelines
  • Tasks
  • Accounts. 

APIs are also available to perform pull requests or checkout repositories. See the GitHub Operations APIs for details.

GitHub Version

We support and test against GitHub version 3.

Key Features

  • Checkout GitHub repositories to a project.
  • Checkout GitHub repositories or perform Pull requests using GitHub APIs. See GitHub Operations APIs for details.
  • Add/Update/Delete files in repositories through SnapLogic.
  • Add/Update/Delete project assets through GitHub.


Snap Packs and Snaplexes cannot be migrated to GitHub. If there are Snap Packs or Snaplexes in your project, they are listed as Unsupported (GitHub Status) in the Asset table. 


  • The SnapLogic App must be installed in GitHub. See Installing the SnapLogic App for details.
  • Your GitHub account should have read and write access to your organization's GitHub repositories.