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Snap type:



This Snap provides the ability to search records of an object in NetSuite by providing criteria. The criteria fields that can be set on the object are provided on the input view of the Snap and can be mapped using an upstream Mapper or Structure Snap.

  • Expected upstream Snaps: Any Snap that provides a document output view, such as Mapper or Structure or a JSON Generator Snap. 
  • Expected downstream Snaps: [None] or any Snap that has a document input view, such as Filter or Mapper or JSON Formatter.
  • Expected input: This Snap provides schema on its input view for the selected object that can then be used in a Mapper Snap to map the required fields.
  • Expected output: This Snap provides the result of the search operation for the given criteria on the output view. Errors can be routed to the error view if enabled or cause the Snap to fail during execution.


Support and limitations:

This Snap uses account references created on the Accounts page of SnapLogic Manager to handle access to this endpoint. See NetSuite Account for information on setting up this type of account.

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Configuring NetSuite Accounts
Configuring NetSuite Accounts


InputThis Snap has exactly one document input view.
OutputThis Snap has exactly one document output view.
ErrorThis Snap has at most one document error view and produces zero or more documents in the view.



Required. The name for the Snap. You can modify this to be more specific, especially if you have more than one of the same Snap in your pipeline.


Required. The NetSuite Object type to search. To search for records of a custom record type, select Custom Record.
Example: Customer
Default value: Account

Custom record

Conditional. Custom record type to search. This is applicable and required only if Custom Record is selected for Object.

Body fields only

If selected, NetSuite returns only the most important fields of each record. If these fields are sufficient, leave this checked. Clear this only if you need the sublists of each record, such as a Customer's addresses, or computed fields, such as a Customer's Balance. This may negatively impact the time required to perform the search and substantially increase the size of the output.  When clearing this option, it is strongly recommended to reduce the Page Size.
Default value: Selected


If selected, performs an advanced search, which enables you to execute a saved search using its ID & search for relevant records in it. 
Default value: Not selected

Return search column

Conditional. If selected, returns only the values for the required columns. This is applicable only when performing an Advanced search, which is used to execute a saved search. If not selected, this returns all the record details.

If this field is selected and the input document does not specify the columns to be retrieved, then the Snap throws an error. Additionally, if this field is not selected and the input document does not specify a saved search, NetSuite returns an error.

Default value: Selected

Page size

Maximum number of results to return per page. This Snap will automatically make multiple service requests to retrieve all available pages. You should consider setting this to a smaller value to reduce memory usage, especially when Body Fields Only is not selected, which can substantially increase the size of each page, depending on the Object type.
Default value: 1000

Min value: 5

Max value: 1000

Request timeout

Required. The timeout for the web service call (in seconds). 0 indicates no timeout.

Example: 0
Default value: 0

Maximum request attempts

Required. Specifies the maximum number of attempts to be made to receive a response. The request is terminated if the attempts do not result in a response.

Default value: 3

Retry request interval

Required. Specifies the interval (in seconds) between two successive requests. A retry happens only when the previous attempt resulted in an exception.

Default value: 2

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nameSnap Execution
pageAnaplan Read

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pageAnaplan Read


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pageNetSuite Async Get


Using the NetSuite Search Snap to Retrieve Customer Records

In this example, you search for and retrieve a list of customer records that have a "balance" greater than 10000. You then preview the Total Records and their status

titleUnderstanding the pipeline

In this pipeline:

  1. You use the Mapper Snap to map customer search criteria to the input fields of the NetSuite Search Snap:

  2. The NetSuite Search Snap retrieves customer records based on the search criteria in the Mapper Snap:

  3. The NetSuite Search Snap offers the following data preview:

  4. You use another Mapper Snap to get the preview of the Total Records found and their status:

  5. Successful execution of the Pipeline displays only the number of records found and the execution status:

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NetSuite Snap Pack
NetSuite Snap Pack