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The recommended minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768.

Which devices are supported?


How frequently will updates happen?

Expect release updates every month, though urgent Updates are released monthly, except updates for JCC nodes are released quarterly. Urgent patches might be available in between releases. Updates for JCC nodes are released quarterly. When the site is refreshed, you may might need to clear your browser’s cache file to make sure you are accessing the latest code.


Navigate to the “Files” tab from within the Manager. This will show you files that have been uploaded - and from here you can upload files from your local computer. To use a file in sldb (SnapLogic database) in a pipeline property you must use the sldb scheme: sldb:///Snaplogic/alpha/<your file path>. This can be used for output files as well. Read more about the file system. 

  • Database Query


select m.smtpid as message_id, m.messagedt as date, as from_address, as from_name, m.subject as subject, b.body as body from messages m join people s on m.senderid=s.personid join bodies b on m.messageid=b.messageid limit 10;