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The release calendar below lists dates in the SnapLogic® release schedule.

  • All deployments have zero downtime, assuming that your Snaplexes have at least 2 nodes. When a node is updated, running pipelines are moved to available nodes inside a Snaplex.

  • During a deployment, the Control Plane and UI are always updated.

  • GA deployments occur on the second Wednesday of the month. Auto Upgrade deployments are planned on the 4th week after the GA deployment and always occur on a Saturday.

  • Quarterly releases are indicated by a light blue cell. The new Snaplex build for general distribution is available in quarterly releases.

  • A version of the Snaplex build is available for testing in the UAT pod a week before GA deployment.

  • The EMEA Control Plane is updated the day after the GA date of the release.

  • After the Snaplex Mandatory upgrade, the two previous Snaplex releases versions are no longer available.

  • In the months between the quarterly releases, SnapLogic occasionally includes an optional Snaplex build that contains customer-specific platform updates.

  • Both local (US Pacific) and world times (UTC) are listed for deployments.

    • PST = Pacific Standard Time

    • PDT = Pacific Daylight Time

    • UTC = Universal Time Coordinated

  • Refer to the monthly release notes for information on Snap patch updates.