Snap Compatibility for Execution on Cloudplexes


The SnapLogic Platform® offers the flexibility to configure your Snaps on Cloudplex, Groundplex, or both. However, the deployability of Snaps to Cloudplex, Groundplex, or both is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Firewall: In cases where a firewall protects the endpoints, Cloudplex cannot establish a connection. To enable a Snap to function with Cloudplex, it is mandatory to whitelist the Cloudplex to allow it to interact with these endpoints.

  2. Processes: For Snaps that require specific processes like sqlldr, bcp utility, or AZcopy to execute, you must set up these processes within your Groundplex configuration. Cloudplex cannot run such processes.

  3. Configuration: Snaps that involve IAM Role configuration are incompatible with Cloudplex. Consequently, such Snaps must be executed on Groundplex to function successfully.


By default, all Snaps support Groundplex. Check the following table to evaluate the Snaps that are compatible with Cloudplex.

Snap Pack


Conditions to run on Cloudplex

Azure SQL

Azure SQL Bulk - Extract

The Azure SQL Bulk - Extract Snap requires a minimum of SQL Server 2016 and requires the BCP utility program internally to perform the bulk load action.


File Poller

You must install the AzCopy utility in the Snaplex for fetching the file path. If the path is null, native Azure Storage SDK is used for all operations. Learn more about AzCopy command.

You must install the utility, only if you use the ABFS (Azure Blob File Storage) file protocol Azure Data Lake Gen 2) for bulk operation.

If AzCopy Utility is not installed for ABS file transfer, the file transfer will not be as fast as using AzCopy because a REST call will be invoked for each file content instead of a bulk operation.

File Reader

File Writer

Directory Browser

File Delete

File Operation


For Hadoop with Kerberos you must install few utilities on the Snaplex, such as kinit, kdestroy, and so on.

Additionally the Hadoop Snaps use the Hadoop libraries that invoke a few system programs internally.


Oracle - Bulk Load

The Oracle Bulk Load Snap uses Oracle SQL*Loader internally to perform the bulk load action. You must install sqlldr utility for the Snap to run on Cloudplex.

SQL Server

SQL Server Bulk Load

This Snap requires the BCP utility program internally to perform the bulk load action.

Tableau Snap Pack

The Tableau libraries must be available on the Windows, Linux, or IoS based Snaplex nodes to use this Snap. This means that the Tableau server must have been installed on the server and be available to the Snaplex process. If the Tableau server is not installed, any use of the Snaps causes server exceptions.

You must install the Tabcmd utility and set up the Tableau Hyper Lib.