User Preferences and Settings

To access user preferences and settings, click the arrow to the right of your username:

Open user preferences

The dropdown menu opens:

User dropdown menu

This page describes the User Settings and User Profile dialogs. Other options include

  • The Notifications dialog displays any current notifications.

  • The Help submenu provides links to resources such as documentation and the community site.

  • The Privacy Policy option links to the SnapLogic Privacy and Cookie policy.

User Profile

The User Profile dialog contains the following options:

User profile

User Settings

The Settings dialog contains the following options:

The following lists describe the available options.


  • Select Auto Validate to have validation occur every time you save a Pipeline, a Snap, or Pipeline properties. When deselected, Snap settings are saved but validation does not occur.

  • Select Dynamic Validation to enable validation of expressions and property strings as soon as you enter them.

  • Select from the Preview Document Count dropdown menu the number of records (1, 2, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000) to sample for the data previewBy default, the sample data includes the first 50 records from the input source, up to 15 MB in total size. If the number of documents to preview exceeds 15 MB, validation causes an error. You can change the number of documents to preview, as long as the sample size is under the 15 MB limit.

IRIS Integration Assistant: 

Opt-in Features

  • Select Asset Palette to display the Designer Catalog in the new Asset Palette instead of the default left pane.

  • Select Sound Effect to enable sound when Snaps connect together; clear it to disable that sound.