Winter 2017 (4.8) Platform Updates

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Live on production February 11, 2017.

For information on Snaps updated in this release, see Winter 2017 Snap Updates

For iterative information on the pre-release updates to UAT, see 4.8 UAT Delta.

For information on 4.8 patches, see 4.8 Patch Releases.

SnapLogic Blog: Winter 2017 Release is Now Available

Before You Begin

You may need to clear your browser cache before you log into the latest SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform.

See the appropriate documentation for your browser:

You may see an Upgrade Notice dialog informing you that you will be logged out immediately to complete the update process. Because the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform consists of multiple applications, you will likely see this message multiple times. 

Accounts and Platform Updates

Some accounts may have a fixed time for refresh tokens, such as Google accounts that must be refreshed every hour. If that refresh needs to occur when the platform is down for an update, the refresh does not occur. To prevent these accounts from failing after a new platform deployment, it is recommended that you refresh your accounts before the designated down time.


It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of your browser.


Security Enhancements

  • Password requirements enhanced to included minimum characters, restricted items, and complexity. See Changing Your Password for details of the new password requirements.
    • This policy will only impact new passwords. It will not force existing users to change passwords unless your admin sets the 90 day expiration policy. Once enabled, this will impact all account types, including service accounts.
  • User Session Timeout Policy added to the Settings page of Manager. The settings in this section let the org admin configure a user session timeout policy for both a client idle timeout and session token duration. See Timeouts for more information.


  • An Info tab was added to the Tasks dialog to contain a Notes field.
  • An Info tab was added to the Accounts dialog to contain a Notes field.
  • Snap Pack Upload permission: Any user can upload Snap Packs to the global shared project.
  • Files needed to startup a pipeline, such as imported expression libraries and files referenced by accounts, are now cached on the JCC (if they are coming from the SnapLogic file store).
  • Expression Language Updates
    • Added support for Expression Libraries, accessible from the Pipeline Properties. This helps you define organizational transformations that you want to share across pipelines.
      • Note: This functionality is not supported in Spark mode.
    • Arrow functions added to expression language. This allows for custom expression language functions to be created.
    • Information on adding comments to your expressions was added to Understanding Expressions in SnapLogic
    • lib variable added to Global functions. This global variable contains the imported expression libraries.
    • filter added to Object. This creates a new object that retains some properties from the original as specified by the given callback.

    • mapKeys added to Object. This transforms the names of properties in an object using a callback.

    • mapValues added to Object. This transform the names of properties in an object using a callback.

    • filter added to Array. This returns a new array containing only the elements for which the given callback returned true.

    • find added to Array. This returns the first element found for which the given callback returns true.

    • findIndex added to Array. This returns the index of the first element for which the given callback returns true.

    • map added to Array. This returns a new array comprised of the specified array joined with the arrays or values provided as arguments.

    • reduce added to Array. This reduces an array to a single value using the given callback.

    • reduceRight added to Array. This is like the reduce() method, except the elements are traversed right-to-left instead of left-to-right.

    • sort added to Array. This returns a new array comprised of this array joined with the arrays or values provided as arguments.

    • fromCharCode added as a string Static Method. This returns a string created by using the specified sequence of Unicode values.

    • localeCompare added to String. This compares the specified string to another and returns a number that represents the sort order.

  • Public APIs


  • Toolbar and icon changes.
    • The toolbar has changed to display less buttons initially and an option to display all.
    • The order of icons has changed.
    • The icons for the following functions changed:
      • Pipeline Properties
      • Copy
      • Versions
      • Zoom to Fit
  • Functionality change: Validation separated from Save.
    • New Validate pipeline icon in the toolbar. Clicking the Validate pipeline icon validates the pipeline. If the pipeline has unsaved changes, it will be saved first. Clicking the icon while a validation is in process cancels that validation.
    • The Auto-validate option in Defining User Settings was modified to now toggle between save and save plus validate when saving a Snap infobox. Within the Mapper Snap, you will need to click Validate at the pipeline level to trigger a validation.

When copying, moving or importing a pipeline, opening pipeline in the canvas, or logging in, auto-validation will not be triggered. It will be triggered only when saving the pipeline, a Snap inside the pipeline, or pipeline properties. 


  • Asset search added to Manager. Once found, each asset entry label has a context menu that includes the actions available for that asset type and a view asset in project entry.
  • When creating a user, you can now disable sending the Welcome email notifications.
  • Setting CORS domain whitelist
    • Org admin can enter a list of domains that can access slsched rest endpoints
    • The value entered by the org admin will appear in the Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header for slsched requests
  • Configurable maximum wait time before restart added to Updating a Snaplex dialog.


  • Snaplex Management: Nodes can be sent into maintenance mode. This prevents additional jobs from being sent to that node.

Big Data

  • Environment checks for Hadooplex.
  • Error Handling enabled for Spark Mode for:
    • Sequence Formatter
    • Sequence Parser
    • Filter
    • CSV Parser
    • CSV Formatter
    • Mapper

Known Issues & Limitations

Spark pipeline execution occationally fails with "Output directory already exists" error.

Workaround: Set following pipeline property before executing.

spark_hadoop_validateOutputSpecs   false

UAT Delta

This section tracks the changes made during the iterative pushes to the UAT server and between the last push to UAT and the GA release.

GA Release February 11th Update

  • Updated copyright information on login page
  • Fix for Schedule Task on CET Time Zone

February 4th Update

  • Addressed a script error when heavy Mapper data is used.
  • Spark Pipelines: Fix for handling performance issue in validating pipeline processing large data in Spark mode.

January 28th Update

  • Added public API for Snaplex management to allow node status updates through API. 
  • Fixed Metadata Update Snap to add support for updating an existing pipeline.
  • Fixed issues which prevented caching on the Groundplex of files required for pipeline execution.
  • Reduced disk usage for war files to prevent disk space issue on Groundplex nodes.
  • Fixed JMX port assignment on Hadooplex by assigning a port dynamically.
  • Fixed Ultra pipeline issue which caused Pipeline Execute Snap child pipeline to fail.
  • Fixed schema download request failure that was seen when using authenticated HTTP proxy.
  • Fixed an issue to enable running of multiple Application Master on the same host.
  • Fixed an issue in Parquet Reader Snap on Kerberized cluster.