The Organization Settings page of SnapLogic Manager enables Org administrators to view or configure specific aspects of the application's behavior in their Org. This page offers the following controls:

Control NamePurpose
Organization IdUse this Id to configure IAM roles for Pipelines.
API Meters and Usage DetailView information on the API limits applicable to your Org and access API usage reports.
Single Sign-On via SAML v2.0Manage single sign-on for your Org. Single Sign-On enables users to log in to multiple services without entering their user name and password for each service.
Auto Upgrade SnaplexSelect to opt in for automatically upgrading the Snaplex instances in your Org.
Managing Snaplex VersionsSelect to update the versions of your Snaplex instances.
Account Data EncryptionConfigure encryption for your organization.
User Session Timeout PolicyConfigure user-session timeout policies for both client-idle timeouts and session token duration.
User Password Expiration PolicyConfigure Org-wide user password expiration policies.
Alerts/Activity Log NotificationsConfigure notification emails to be sent when a specified event occurs.
User NotificationsConfigure user notifications displayed on the UI for specific periods of time.
Slack NotificationAdd access to your Slack app for communications within the SnapLogic platform.
Email Address for Snaplex NotificationList out email addresses that must be contacted when a Snaplex goes offline for more than 10 minutes.
Pipeline ValidationControl Pipeline validation at an Org level.
Clean Up Org AutoLink historyClean up AutoLink history at the Org level.
IP AllowlistAllow IP address ranges to restrict Triggered and Ultra Tasks to only run on cloud URLs in the specified IP ranges.
CORS AllowlistAllow CORS (Cross-origin Resource Sharing) addresses to trigger a task from within a web page loaded in a browser.
Groundplex AllowlistAllow IP address ranges to specify which Groundplex nodes can connect to the SnapLogic Control Plane.
Cloud Pattern CatalogSearch, preview, and import Pattern Pipelines that are provided by SnapLogic.
Automated Regression TestsSubmit your Pipelines for the SnapLogic automated regression testing suite to compare your Pipelines before and after an upgrade.
Email EncryptionSelect to enable email encryption encryption for users.