Account Data Encryption

Trusted Org and Its Usage

The Trusted Org feature enables account re-encryption to pass when an account is migrated across Orgs. For example, when you migrate a project from Org1 to Org2, any account used in the source project cannot be validated because it was created in Org1, and Org2 does not have the encryption keys used in Org1. However, once you add Org2 as a trusted org in Org1, all accounts associated with the migrated project can be validated.

This feature is applicable to the standard encrypted source orgs.

Add/Remove Trusted Orgs

You can add and remove Trusted Orgs using SnapLogic Manager.

  1. In SnapLogic Manager, click Settings to open the Organization Settings page.
  2. Scroll down the page to Account Data Encryption and click Manage Trusted Orgs.
  3. Click  and select the Org to add. To remove an Org, click — and select the Org.
    The following videos demonstrate how to add and remove the trusted Orgs.

Add a Trusted Org

Remove a Trusted Org

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