Configuring Custom Org Branding

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You can customize the appearance of your SnapLogic platform per org. The Configure for Org tab in Manager enables you to brand the cover page of entire SnapLogic platform.


Note that this Custom Org Branding feature is for org admins. You need to be subscribed for the admin privileges.

Contact to provision access to the OEM feature.

Customizing Org Branding

  1. In SnapLogic Manager, click Customize for Org.

  2. Click Configure for Org.

  3. Click Choose FavIcon to select your desired icon and upload your selection.

  4. Enter the title of your API Portal in Webpage Title Prefix

  5. Click Choose Logo to select and upload the desired logo.

  6. Click Menubar Color to customize the menu color for your organization.

  7. Click Save.

SnapLogic displays your Org branding logo and color background changes.

SnapLogic renames the browser tab with your "Webpage Title Prefix" title when you access the IIP Designer, Manager, and Dashboard pages.

Org Branding Settings


Upload one of the following image types for the thumbnail image:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • SVG

Size limit is 100kb and aspect ratios are not considered in this release.


Logo uses the original rendered size of 300 * 96 for the maximum dimension.

Logo and favicon both have maximum size of 100KB.


Enter the prefix of your web title.

The maximum length is 20 characters.