Snap Statistics

Snap Statistics lets you determine which pipelines in an organization are using a particular Snap. This functionality is particularly useful when you know a Snap is about to be updated.

When you first go to this page, you are prompted to generate the report. Note that with the large number of Snaps and a variable amount of pipelines, this action may take some time as the index creation happens in an offline manner, with a delay of few minutes. Snap statistics will have a few minutes delay in showing new entries because of this. If you create the pipeline, wait for a few minutes and then generate the Snap Statistics report, the new pipeline will be shown in the report.

 Once the information is gathered, a table displays showing you:

  • the Snap Packs installed
  • the type of Snap Pack. Public Snaps are common to all users. Premium Snaps are purchased separately. Private Snaps are typically those developed for a particular organization.
  • and the number of Snaps within that Snap Pack. 

Expand the Snap Pack to see the list of Snaps contained within.

To see where a specific Snap is used, click on the Snap name. A list of pipelines that use that Snap displays.

Click on the pipeline name to open the pipeline in Designer.

You can download the report in CSV format. This report contains the pipeline usage stats for each individual Snap. To use the pipeline link information, add it to You will need to be logged in and have permission to that pipeline's project to access it.

 Snap Statistics for a Pipeline

When viewing a project in Manager, you can select Snap Statistics from the context menu of a pipeline to see the Snaps used in that pipeline.