Runtime Archive

This feature is only available to Org administrators. 

The Runtime Archive enables you to view and download JSON files containing the runtime logs of all finished (in Completed, Failed, or Stopped state) Pipeline executions. Each log file details all the Pipelines executions that were finished on a specific day, and can be up to 256 MB in size. SnapLogic creates additional log files once this size is reached.

To view or download runtime logs associated with Pipeline executions of a specific day:

  1. Navigate to SnapLogic Manager, expand the Project Spaces node, and click the Runtime Archive menu item below it. The Runtime Archive page appears.

    The archive organizes logs by year, month, and date.

  2. Click the Year, Month, and Date associated with the logs that you want to view. The Runtime Archive displays a list of all the JSON log files created for that specific day.

  3. Click the name of the log file to download it.