User Notifications

Org admins can configure notifications at the Organization level to send reminders or any other required messages.

Creating a User Notification

To set a message for an organization:

  1. Log in to the Manager as an admin.
  2. Select the appropriate Org from the Organization drop-down, if present.
  3. Select Settings in the left navigation pane.
  4. Click the User NotificationSettings button:
  5. In the User Notifications view, click . The Add Message dialog appears.
  6. Complete the Add Message dialog for your notification: 
    • Enter your message to the Users in this Org in the Message Text field.
    • Enter a date in the Start date field. This date begins at midnight the morning of that date (00:00:00). 
    • Enter a date in the End date field. This date ends at 23:59:59 of that date.
    • If you set the Is important? option to Yes, then the System Notification dialog automatically opens when the user logs in.
      Otherwise, a Recall message icon  displays in the toolbar to open that dialog. Unseen messages are highlighted.

  7. To enable the User Notification, click Create.


Messages are polled every 5 minutes for new notifications. Expired messages are cleared from the system every 14 days.