Automated Regression Tests

The SnapLogic platform allows you to automate regression testing against your Pipelines before and after a Snaplex upgrade. You can run the regression tests on the Pipelines in an Org at the Project level. 


  • You must be an Org Admin to enable Automated Regression Testing.
  • You must deselect Auto Upgrade Snaplex to compare results before and after a Snaplex upgrade.

To enable Automatic Regression Testing:

  1. On Manager, click Settings to see the Org Settings page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Regression Test Settings.

  3. Select Automated Regression Tests and enter the information in the following fields.

    1. Snaplex: Specify the Snaplex on which to run the regression tests from the dropdown list.

    2. Test result directory: Specify the destination folder for the results, which are tabulated in a CSV file.

  4. Click Save, then click Manual Pre-Test to run validation on the Pipelines.

  5. Check the target destination folder to view the CSV results.

You can now compare Pipeline execution test results before and after the Snaplex upgrade.

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