API Meters

SnapLogic imposes throttling on pipelines executed through a triggered task. The API throttling is done on Groundplex and Cloudplex for triggered pipelines initiated against the Cloud URL; on-premise URL requests are not throttled. There are no limits currently on pipeline executions initiated in any other manner (like scheduled pipelines). There are no limits currently on processing requests through Ultra Pipelines, which are recommended if the number of API requests is expected to be very high.

There are two limits for triggered pipelines:

  • Total API limit (per day): This is the total number of triggered pipelines which can be executed per day. The count is reset to zero at midnight UTC
  • Concurrent API limit: The total number of triggered pipelines which can be concurrently executed. The default is 10. A triggered pipeline counts against this limit until the pipeline completes.

Hitting either of the above limits will cause the next triggered pipeline execution to fail with HTTP status code 429 (Rate limit exceeded). Currently-running triggered pipelines will continue and non-triggered pipelines can be started without issues. If the limits need to be increased, contact your SnapLogic Account Manager.

API Usage Detail

Click API Usage Detail to display reports on API user activities and monitor the API requests. These reports provide visibility into the top ten triggered tasks (API calls). You can scroll through a table of API usage statistics: Number of API calls, Task Name, Project, and Task Owner. For quick reference, a pie chart summarizes the number of API calls made (broken down by task name) against the remaining number of available API calls. You can also switch between Daily (which allows you to select the day) and Concurrent views.