Groundplex Access Control

For additional security, an Org admin can configure an IP address allowlist to control which nodes in a Snaplex can connect to the SnapLogic control plane. The allowlist applies to nodes in a Groundplex (not a Cloudplex). 

To configure the allowlist:

  1. Click Manager > Settings, scroll to Groundplex Allowlist, and click Manage Groundplex Allowlist.

  2. Select Only allow Groundplex nodes to connect from the following IP ranges.

  3. Click + to Enter a range of allowed IP addresses. For example:

  4. When you have finished adding IP address ranges, Click Validate to verify your Groundplex nodes are within range. If you have Groundplex nodes in your organization that do not meet the allowlist criteria, SnapLogic displays an alert with a list of the nodes that do not comply. 

  5. You can click Update and remove these nodes from the Groundplex, or adjust the IP range to include the nodes. If you remove a node, then any Pipelines currently running on the node are disconnected.

    When you install a new Groundplex node for your organization, the node is checked against the IP address Allowlist before it is activated on the Dashboard.

    If a node is removed because of IP address, then the node sleeps for a one-day grace period and then shutdown. To restore the node within this grace period, you must reconfigure the IP range, then manually restart the Groundplex node.