Managing SnapLogic Users

Only Org administrators can manage users.

The Users screen in SnapLogic Manager enables you to manage your user's permissions and access. 

The above table displays a list of all the users in your Org, along with the corresponding subscription to SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) or Flows.

Use this page to perform the following tasks:

De-provisioned Users and Orphan Service Accounts

As part of the SnapLogic off-boarding process, we remove the employee's account from the SnapLogic Org and de-provision the associated assets across your Orgs, resulting in the following scenarios:

  • For each Org the de-provisioned user was a member, an orphan service account is created, and the user's assets are transferred to this account. The new Org administrator inherits the assets in the orphan service account.
  • Deleting the orphan service account transfers all of the assets associated with the orphan accounts to the respective new Org administrator. 
  • If the orphan account is not removed from the Org, any other de-provisioned user's assets from this Org become associated with the same orphan service account. When multiple users are de-provisioned in the same Org, their assets are transferred to the same orphan service account. One orphan service account is created for each affected Org.

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