Removing a User from an Org

  • Only Org administrators can remove users in SnapLogic Manager.
  • To remove a user from all Orgs in SnapLogic, see User and Group APIs. You cannot use a public API to remove only one user from an Org. 

To remove a user from an Org using the SnapLogic UI:

  1. In SnapLogic Manager, click Users in the main menu on the left and select the checkbox adjacent to the user ID that you want to remove from your Org.

  2. Click the Delete () button and confirm the deletion in the warning message displayed. This removes the user from your Org.

  • Removing a user from an Org does not delete the user from the SnapLogic system.
  • When a user is removed from an Org, the administrator that removes the user becomes the owner of that user's assets.

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