Initial Configuration

When you initially sign up for SnapLogic, we perform the following services: 

  • Create the necessary organizations for your company

  • Create an organizational admin that you designate. The Organization Admin then receives an email notification that their account has been created.

  • Create your Cloudplex and add nodes to the Cloudplex. The Cloudplex allows integrating with cloud endpoints.

  • Provision Premium and Custom Snap Packs as required.

SnapLogic enables organizations to subscribe to Custom Snap Packs that are developed and managed by the SnapLogic Professional Services team. To subscribe Custom Snaps, or if you have questions regarding the custom Snaps, contact your SnapLogic Customer Service Manager (CSM). Learn more about Custom Snaps.

Your Organization Admin is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Creating users and user groups through the SnapLogic Manager.

  • Creating projects and Project Spaces within your organizations.

  • Creating the Groundplex and adding nodes to the Groundplex. The Groundplex is required for integrating with endpoints which are not in the cloud, like an Oracle database instance in the customer's data center.