Managing Groups

Groups page is only available to an Organization Administrator.

You can group users within an Org in your SnapLogic application. Groups allow you to manage project permissions on a higher level than specific users. When you add a group to a project and configure permissions for it, these permissions apply to all the users within that group. For example, you may assign Read & Write permission to one group of users and Read & Execute permission to another. If a user changes roles, you can change their group membership to apply the new permissions. See Assigning Permissions to a Project for more information. 

Reserved Groups

There are two reserved group names in SnapLogic, admins and members (case-sensitive).

  • admins: Users in this group have full access to all projects in the Org. Admins can perform tasks like managing users and creating groups and managing membership to these. You need to specifically add users to the admins group.
  • members: Users in this group have access only to projects that they create, or to which they have been given access by project owners or admin users. Users are automatically added to this group when you create them, and they must be a part of the members group to have any privileges within that Org.