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  • The Snowflake and the PostgreSQL Snap Packs support geospatial data types. Full support for Snowflake requires using our custom Snowflake JDBC driver. (Contact Support for details.)

  • The Azure Synapse SQL Insert, MySQL InsertSQL Server Insert, and Vertica Insert Snaps no longer supports the Preserve case-sensitivity checkboxbecause these databases are case-insensitive. The databases store the data regardless of whether the columns in the target table and the input data are in mixed, lower, or upper case.

  • The Oracle-Stored Procedure Snap supports stored functions with OUT and INOUT parameters and displays these parameter values in the output with the returnval key.

  • The performance of the Redshift - Bulk Load Snap is improved by performing the CSV-format and GZIP-compression in multiple threads.

  • The Snowflake S3 OAuth2 Account supports expressions for external staging fields.

  • The DynamoDB Snap Pack supports the IAM role in the DynamoDB account.

  • The Azure SQL Active Directory and the Azure SQL Active Directory Dynamic accounts now include an Authentication Mode dropdown list , which allows that enables you to choose options for Azure SQL authentication options.

  • The JWT Generate Snap is enhanced with the following fields:

    • Issued At Epoch, Not Before Epoch, and Expiration Epoch for specifying custom values for the fields.

    • Skip Key ID for removing the Key ID parameterfrom the JWT token when selected if you do not want the Key ID to display in the output.