Snowflake Snap Pack

Snowflake is a data warehousing service in the cloud. 

Use Snaps in this Snap Pack to:

  • Insert, upsert, update, unload, execute and delete records in Snowflake.
  • Query a particular Snowflake instance and returns the requested records or keys.
  • Execute multiple queries.
  • Enable SCD2 type historization. 

Version Support

Tested and supported for the JDBC jar version 3.12.3.

The following Snaps support Azure Blob:

  • Snowflake - Bulk Load
  • Snowflake - Bulk Upsert
  • Snowflake - Delete
  • Snowflake - Execute

  • Snowflake - Insert

  • Snowflake - Lookup

  • Snowflake - Select

  • Snowflake - Table List

  • Snowflake - Update

  • Snowflake - Unload

Temporary Files

During execution, data processing on Snaplex nodes occur principally in-memory as streaming and is unencrypted. When larger datasets are processed that exceed the available compute memory, the Snap writes Pipeline data to local storage as unencrypted to optimize the performance. These temporary files are deleted when the Snap/Pipeline execution completes. You can configure the temporary data's location in the Global properties table of the Snaplex's node properties, which can also help avoid Pipeline errors due to the unavailability of space. For more information, see Temporary Folder in Configuration Options


Snowflake JDBC jar 3.1.0 or higher (Tested and supported for the JDBC jar version 3.12.3).