September 2023 Release Notes

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Admin Manager

  • Manage Snap Pack versions

API Management

  • New API Policy HTTP Redirect enables you to define behavior for HTTP 3xx status codes

  • Enhanced sidebar menu for viewing and editing Applications on Developer Portal


  • New source endpoints: Azure Synapse, Redshift, and Zendesk

  • Azure Synapse endpoint supports schema change detection and reconciliation


  • Activity Log now tracks changes to Org Settings


  • The JSON key field in the Binary Google Service Account supports JSON strings. You can upload the JSON key either from SLDB or dynamically pass the value using a pipeline parameter or access values from Secrets Manager


  • Added support for expression generation for the Mapper Snap

  • Added support for SQL and SOQL query generation

Documentation Enhancements

  • Public APIs and Admin Manager on the new documentation portal

  • Automate business operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Snap Pack

Dot Releases - Snaps

Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Snap Pack

Date of Update

Snap Pack Version


Copybook Snap Pack

Sep 19, 2023


The Copybook Parser Snap now supports configuring fields from subsequent copybooks using fully qualified names.


Sep 18, 2023


Fixed the encoding of special characters in the SAP S/4HANA Update Snap.


Sep 15, 2023


Fixed an issue with the Binary Snap Pack that caused NTLM authentication issues when trying to access SMB servers.

SAP Concur

Sep 14, 2023


Enhanced the SAP Concur OAuth2 Account with Auth endpoint config and Token endpoint config field sets to configure custom properties for the OAuth2 endpoint.

Admin Manager

As Manager administrative pages become available in Admin Manager, the old pages will be phased out. After approximately one month, the links in Manager will redirect to the new screens in Admin Manager.

The August release of Admin Manager provided a new interface for Environment admins to manage users and groups. This release adds Snap Pack management. From the October release onwards, the following Manager pages will redirect to Admin Manager:

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Snap Packs

Learn more about Admin Manager.


Management for Snap Packs is now available in Admin Manager. Similar to the capability in Classic Manager, Environment admins can:

  • Set the default Snap Pack version to use when running Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) pipelines.

  • Override the version for specific Snap Packs.

  • Select the New or Old distribution:

    • Current Snaplex versions support Snap Packs from the New distribution.

    • Earlier Snaplex versions support Snap Packs from the Old distribution.

Snap Packs screen

Click a Snap Pack to view the available Snaps:

Snap Pack Snaps list

API Management


  • HTTP Redirect Policy: This new policy enables you to define the behavior of 3xx errors for your APIs. When you apply the policy, the client is sent an HTTP redirect message. For example, you can send an HTTP redirect to force a client to enter user credentials on an HTML login page if an HTTP cookie doesn’t already exist. Another use case is that you can send an HTTP redirect if a web page has moved to a new URL address.

This feature is available only on the 4.34 Patch 1 Snaplex version.


  • The Callout Authenticator API policy now supports additional HTTP methods POST, PUT, and PATCH.

  • The Developer Portal supports referencing external API documentation when publishing. When you publish an API, you can open the specification editor and add the fields that reference external documentation for the API.

    externalDoc: Description: url:

When you view the API in the Developer Portal, the link appears under the specification type:

  • Application information is now displayed in a sidebar. Included are Details and Subscription tabs.




  • The Azure Synapse endpoint supports schema change detection and reconciliation. Learn more.

  • In Orgs with a large number of Accounts and credentials, credentials now load faster in the data pipeline wizard.

  • Error reporting tables in Snowflake are now created as transient tables to reduce storage costs.

  • Users with view permissions can now mark data pipelines as favorites.

Fixed Issues

  • When a data pipeline with Snowflake as a destination encounters an error, it now logs the error record and continues.

Known Issues

  • Users must add credentials for Gainsight PX and Zendesk in AutoSync, not in the IIP or AutoSync Manager.

  • Integrations with Zendesk as a source and Google BigQuery as a destination may fail to load records when using the SCD2 load type.

  • Data pipelines with Oracle as the source can miss new and updated records when using the Incremental load type. This is due to a difference in precision between Oracle and AutoSync timestamps.


EMEA Control Plane

A new control plane is available in the EMEA region (Europe-Middle East-Africa) available for new customers. The EMEA Control Plane is located in AWS eu-west-1 (Ireland) and is live as of September 12. All provisioning, Cloudplex nodes, and licensing agreements are similar to those of the current control plane. Refer to Adding the SnapLogic Platform to your Allowlist for new IP addresses and Groundplex Network Setup for Groundplex for configuration updates. Contact your CSM for more details.

We have revised the Adding the SnapLogic Platform to your Allowlist document to include IP addresses for outbound requests from different third-party partners such as, GitLab Cloud, Azure Repos, and Slack.



  • The APIM Public API Export APIM policies accepts the query parameter policies_to_export, instead of policies_to_include.

  • The Public API Retrieve config info for a Groundplex accepts the query parameter version. If set to current, the returned configuration is based on the version currently installed on the Snaplex, instead of the latest available version.

  • The Activity Log tracks changes made to Org Settings in Manager. Your organization can now audit changes made to your SnapLogic Org by referring to the events in the Activity Log.


  • Scheduled Tasks improved with new misfire thresholds. This new mechanism offers granularity in tasks that run in intervals of less than 15, 10, 5 minutes, and even 1 minute.

  • The Scheduled Task dialog now displays an error when you enter an invalid number of task runs. When you select After # of Runs and enter a number above the maximum value supported by the field or a negative number, an error prompts you to enter a valid number range of 1 - 1,000,000. Previously, the dialog would allow you to save the Scheduled Task with the invalid number and then subsequently fail. Only upon viewing the Task Details page, would you discover the task failure resulting from the invalid field value.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the RunTime Archive did not display content.

  • Fixed an issue where the API response for Snaplex Configuration REST API gave the incorrect Snaplex version to download.

  • Fixed an issue where Orgs with Enhanced Encryption did not work properly with the Secrets Management feature enabled.

Behavior Changes

  • Org admins can no longer enter URLs into User Notifications. Before this release, if an Org admin entered text that resembled a URL, the UI would turn it into a clickable link in the notification display viewed by the user. This is no longer possible. Users have to copy and paste any valid links shared by an Org admin into a browser to access the target site.

Best Practice on Asset Migration at the Org-level

When a task is migrated to another Org, the Snaplex references are fixed by the runtime_path_id property and not by the Snaplex name. Accordingly, you should make sure that the values for the Location and Environment fields in the Snaplex dialogs match - not the labels, as one might assume.

For example:

When migrating the task testtask from the dev to prod Orgs, a task from the dev Org with the runtime_path_id of /dev/rt/cloud/testtask is replaced with the runtime_path_id of /prod/rt/cloud/testtask, even if the two Snaplexes have different labels, such as devplex and prodplex.

However, the task with the associated Snaplexes that are both labeled mainplex in each Org, with runtime_path_ids of /dev/rt/cloud/testtask and /prod/rt/cloud/testtask does not work.


The Snaps mentioned in this section are deployed on the Latest distribution type. To access the updated Snap Packs, an Org admin must select the Snap Pack version in Manager > Snap Packs.


We plan to upgrade the Oracle Snap Pack to use the latest 19c JDBC JAR file ( as of November 8, 2023).

  • Pipelines that use the default JDBC driver in the Oracle server accounts might be impacted after the driver upgrade because the latest driver is backward-incompatible. We will soon communicate how to reconfigure to prevent accounts from being impacted.

  • Pipelines that do not use the default driver (bundled with the Oracle Snap Pack) are not impacted.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue with the Anaplan Action Snap that caused the File Not Found error to display when multiple instances of the Anaplan Upload Snap (which included empty files) were executed concurrently.

  • Fixed an issue with the Azure Active Directory Create Entry Snap that caused it to fail with a cast error when a boolean value was entered in a field where expressions were enabled.

  • Fixed an issue with the Google Analytics 4 Create Report and the Create Realtime Report Snaps that improperly rounded off decimal data. You can now view the precise value in the report.

  • Fixed an issue with the HTTP Client Snap that displayed incorrect cookie information, with a null value in the cookies when you have duplicate cookies in the header. The Snap now displays the cookie information correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the JSON Splitter Snap that caused the pipeline to terminate with excessive memory usage on the Snaplex node after the 4.33 GA upgrade. The Snap now consumes less memory.

  • Fixed an issue with the Microsoft OneDrive Snap Pack where the Snaps displayed Duplicate key OneDrive error. The Snaps now hide the drive details stored in the PreservationHoldLibrary folder when displaying suggestions. You can use the Drive ID to search for items in the PreservationHoldLibrary folder.

  • Fixed an issue with the Oracle Bulk Load Snap that was not resilient to the errors previously when trying to auto-discover the existing SQLLDR utility paths in the node. The Snap is now robust to those errors.

  • Fixed an issue with the Pipeline Execute Snap that caused a null pointer exception during the retry when the input view was a Binary type. Retry is not supported for a Binary input view with this Snap.

  • Fixed an issue with the SOAP Execute Snap that caused it to be unable to parse some WSDL files.

  • Fixed an issue with the SQL Server Stored Procedure and Table List Snaps that caused no retries to be executed even though the user had selected a number of retries in the UI when a custom JDBC driver was used.

  • Updated the input and output schema for the Marketo Snaps.

Behavior Changes

  • When you select the Use datetime types checkbox in the Parquet Reader Snap, the Snap displays the LocalDate and DateTime in the output for INT32 (DATE) and INT64 (TIMESTAMP_MILLIS) columns. When you deselect this checkbox, the columns retain the previous datatypes and display string and integer values in the output.

Known Issues

  • When processing data, the Oracle Bulk Load Snap executes in an infinite loop when database storage reaches full capacity.

  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Create, Update, and Delete Snaps display the following errors when you run the batch process with the error view enabled.

    • 500 ( Internal Server Error)

    • Socket timeout error

    • Read timed out error

    Workaround: Increase the Timeout value to 500 or more and decrease the batch size while keeping the default retry properties.

Custom Snaps

Enhanced the following Custom Snap Pack documents for better clarity and the latest UI.


Documentation Enhancements

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